32 Tropical Island Getaways

It totally depends on where you live, but for most of us "mainlanders," the weather in our neck of the woods this time of year is far from tropical, and maybe even quite frightful.

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'Tis the season to dream by the fire, but we're not just dreaming any old holiday dreams. We're talking visions of aqua-blue ocean waters, palm trees waving in the briny breeze, grass-skirted hula dancers, and footprints in the sand.

We know, doesn't that sound delightful?  You're totally picturing yourself basking on the beach, and your currently frozen toes are begging to feel the warm water lapping at your feet.  We're not ones to confine our getaway fantasies to the realm of your typical tropical trip, though. We dream big. You can only spend so much time just lounging around, right?

Our imaginations are much more adventurous. Why not envision yourself kiteboarding and windsurfing off the coast of Sal in Cape Verde? Or exploring ancient Mayan caves deep in the jungle of Ambergris Caye in Belize? Ever dreamed of hiking the Piton Mountains in Saint Lucia or kayaking through the mangroves in Quilalea?

Action-packed tropical island getaway opportunities like these are just about unlimited, and our list of 32 highlights some of the most exotic and exhilarating vacations across all seven continents.