TikTok Is Warning Tourists To Avoid Wearing This Color Shoe In Rome

From the runways of Milan to the clothing shop windows, Italy is known for its classic luxe style. If you're a tourist hoping to emulate the local fashion scene, you might want to rethink some of your typical wardrobe staples. For instance, you'll likely look silly when wearing shorts in Italy, and you'll seem underdressed at some cultural sites if you're sporting a crop top and cargo pants.

Even your pristine white sneakers might be best left at home, according to some TikTokers. In one clip, @travelwithanika revealed, "I wish I knew this before visiting Rome: Leave your new white trainers at home." In another video, @sherrgoh showed rainy scenes from the Italian city along with the caption, "RIP my white shoes."

Sure, white sneakers are known to pair well with almost anything, but they might not be suitable for Roman sidewalks, rain or shine. Rome is known to be dirty, even ranking last in a 2015 Eurostat poll measuring cleanliness satisfaction across the European Union. Chances are, your favorite pearly white shoes will be a drab shade of gray by the end of your trip, thanks to the dirt and grime covering the streets.

Wear these shoes when visiting Rome

When visiting Rome, an easy swap for white sneakers is a pair of comfy black trainers. They're casual, easy to walk in, and won't reveal dirt as much as light-colored sneakers. However, athletic-looking shoes might not transition well into evening activities, such as a semi-formal dinner reservation. For these occasions, be sure to have a dressed-up shoe stashed in your suitcase.

Keep in mind that footwear doesn't have to be flashy, and it should never be uncomfortable to wear. That's why you should avoid packing heels for your trip to Italy, which can get stuck in the cobblestone paths and be painful to walk around in. Influencer @paigelorentzen suggests women wear wedges in Rome instead of high heels if they want to look taller, and she also recommends a pair of polished-looking sandals. Content creator @whatwouldkikiwear adds that flats are a must, including basic ballet flats. Similar to sneakers, you might want to stick with black and other dark-colored flats to avoid unsightly dirt marks.

For men, loafers, Oxfords, and other classic shoes will look stylish without sacrificing comfort. If you plan to visit in the winter, when the temperatures dip and rain dominates the forecast, come prepared with protective styles. Boots, water-resistant sneakers, and hiking shoes are most practical.

How to keep white shoes clean in Rome

Not all Italophiles on TikTok agree that white shoes are a no-go in Rome. Rome resident @sammi_iam posted a clip to the platform explaining that milk-colored sneakers aren't destined to turn black in the Italian destination. It all comes down to prepping your favorite footwear.


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Before you head to Rome's most popular tourist destinations and iconic piazzas, grab a shoe polish and protector designed for white shoes. The TikToker uses a bottle of GT Riparatore per calzature bianche (GT Repairer for white shoes) in her video, though most countries should have their own local version, including the Shoe MGK White Touch Up for about $18 on Amazon. Using the sponge-side of the bottle, she rubs the product all over her new shoes, covering the leather upper part of the shoe as well as the rubber soles. As @sammi_iam explains, the product creates a barrier between the shoes and dirt, keeping footwear sparkly white for years. Note, however, that the polish likely won't work on shoelaces, as well as sneakers made of soft fabric materials, such as canvas.