The Unexpected Type Of Clothing You Can Get Kicked Out Of Disney Parks For Wearing

When it comes to planning the perfect visit to Disney, most parkgoers generally try to focus on what attractions they're going to hit up or what characters they're hoping to meet. However, in between the excitement and anticipation, there's one major detail that visitors tend to overlook: the dress code. Yeah, believe it or not, even the "Happiest" and "Most Magical" places on Earth aren't exempt from strict rules and regulations when it comes to what guests can and can't wear. And with hundreds of videos on TikTok detailing why or when certain people got "dress coded," it's safe to say the park doesn't play around. 

In short, Disney has a set of specific guidelines on what's considered appropriate to wear within park limits — and failing to adhere to these can result in staff asking you to change your clothes or, worse, leave the park entirely. With that in mind, it's important to be cautious of the clothes you decide to pack for your Disney vacation — especially if you're not looking to waste the thousands of dollars you've already spent.

So, what are you better off leaving at home? Well, one of the most unexpected things that can get you barred from entering the parks is wearing floor-length skirts and dresses, as well as any other item of clothing that drags on the ground.

Why wearing floor-length clothing isn't allowed

While most floor-length dresses and skirts are considered harmless, Disney's reasons for banning them are pretty simple: they're all to help keep guests safe. According to experts, banning them helps mitigate any unnecessary risks and accidents that might happen as a result of having a clothing item that's too long or flowing. This includes risks like guests getting caught in the ride's mechanisms, people tripping over themselves, or even causing someone else to get tangled up and fall over (via BestLife).

In addition to this, floor-length skirts and dresses — especially if they're on the tighter side — can also get in the way of visitors moving freely while getting in and out of rides that require a little extra effort. That giant step you need to take to hop aboard the Jungle Cruise? It'll probably require hiking things up — or you might risk dunking a foot straight into Disney's famously dirty and murky water. (Fortunately, the ride still has an accessible entry point for people with limited mobility, but that won't include your outfit.)

Other clothing items Disney considers a no-go

Along with floor-length anythings, Disney also has some pretty firm rules that stipulate adults can't dress up as Disney characters while visiting the park. There are a few exceptions, such as when there's a special Halloween or Christmas event going on, or the parkgoer is wearing certain Star Wars-inspired 'fits.' This decision is based solely on the fact that Disney parks simply don't want to generate any confusion as to who actually works there in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone (especially children).

From there, other items considered inappropriate by Disney include clothing featuring offensive language or graphics, overly torn garments, shirts that tie at the front, and low-cut or revealing tops that disrupt the generally wholesome and family-friendly atmosphere at Disney. It should go without saying that taking your shirt or shoes off while inside the parks — whether you're a man or a woman — is also strictly prohibited.

Instead, most frequent Disney visitors suggest sticking to simple and comfortable clothing that'll keep you cool and protected from the sun. This includes a comfortable pair of walking shoes — an essential to help you cover the 25,000 steps or more that you might take throughout the day — as well as breezy t-shirts and tank tops, comfortable shorts or pants (preferably no denim), and, of course, your favorite pair of mouse ears!