This Popular US Airline Ranked Dead Last For Customer Satisfaction In Economy

Flying economy isn't known to be a particularly luxurious experience, and it can be especially cumbersome when traveling with an unreliable airline. If you want to increase your chances of having a smooth journey, reconsider booking with Frontier for your next trip. According to the J.D. Power's 2024 North America Airline Satisfaction Study, the budget carrier ranked last in the economy and basic economy segment — and not just because it's the absolute worst for legroom.

The J.D. Power study rates airlines based on customer satisfaction with the airline staff, ease of travel, trustworthiness, value for the price paid, and other factors. Nearly 9,600 fliers surveyed shared their thoughts and rated Frontier the worst in the country, earning the airline a score of 472 out of 1,000. To put that in perspective, the average for the economy segment was 613 points, and the top economy airline, Southwest Airlines (which is known for having the best customer service), was given a score of 685. This isn't the first time Frontier was deemed the bottom of the bunch. It also ranked last in J.D. Power's 2023 study. In that survey, Frontier was given a satisfaction score of 705, while the segment average clocked in at 782.

Other lists also ranked Frontier Airlines poorly

Frontier Airlines performed poorly in other rankings, too. A 2024 ranking from The Points Guy of the best airlines in the U.S. placed the carrier in last place due to its delays, cancellations, denied boardings, low customer satisfaction, and baggage fees. A separate 2024 study by CFI Group (via named Frontier the second-worst airline in the U.S., just after Spirit. WalletHub's Best Airlines in 2024 list also put the low-cost carrier near the bottom at ninth place out of 10 spots (oddly enough, it ranked Southwest Airlines last). Frontier received a score of zero (with higher scores denoting a positive experience) in multiple categories, including canceled flights, delays, denied boardings, entertainment options, Wi-Fi, leg room, and complimentary refreshments.

With these stats in mind, it's no surprise that Frontier has received a lot of complaints from passengers. U.S. PIRG Education Fund released a report containing data on airline customer complaints in the U.S., and Frontier's numbers weren't so flattering. The carrier beat all other airlines for complaints reported to the Department of Transportation in May 2023, with a whopping 33.5 complaints for every 100,000 customers.

Passengers online seem to agree with the research findings

Unfortunately for Frontier Airlines, its reputation doesn't seem to be much better on social media and review sites. On Facebook, an entire group, aptly named "I Hate Frontier Airlines," is devoted to commiserating over Frontier horror stories. Similarly, online reviewers have taken to Skytrax to warn others not to book with the carrier.

The sentiment is no different on TikTok. In one viral clip, @mamadee_ recorded the scene from a delayed Frontier flight where 11 passengers were forced to disembark before the plane would depart — and then several remaining fliers had their luggage kept behind in the process. "Reasons why you shouldn't fly frontier airlines," she captioned the video. In another TikTok, content creator @nicoletraveladventure complained that she was made to pay $100 for an oversized bag that appeared to fit under the seats and in the gate sizers. The TikToker explained, "They were bullies and honestly just so rude about it." Her experience isn't uncommon — in fact, Frontier Airlines is known to give bonuses to gate agents who charge customers for oversized luggage.