Are National Geographic Cruises Worth Their High Prices?

For generations, National Geographic has been one of the top forms of educational entertainment, especially for people who love nature, travel, history, and science. When most of us think of National Geographic, we picture the iconic magazines with their bold yellow border full of glossy nature photography shot by adventurers in far-off lands. When you're in the mood for inspiring television, perhaps you've watched one of National Geographic's documentaries or television series. You may have even felt inspired to plan your very own expedition to some of the places featured. Many travel lovers have been inspired by National Geographic's beautiful photographs, fascinating articles, and gorgeous cinematography over the years. Some adventurous travelers with generous budgets even choose to embark on an official National Geographic Expedition Cruise.

If you've dreamed of embarking on the ultimate National Geographic-inspired vacation, you'll be thrilled to discover that you can book passage aboard a National Geographic Expedition Cruise, where you can travel to some of the most remote places on earth alongside a team of seasoned adventurers. The crazy cruise adventures are unforgettable, but they come with a high price tag. For some, dropping many thousands of dollars on a cruise with a bunch of scientists might seem crazy, but if you're looking for the ultimate adventure, it might be worth saving up for these unforgettable experiences.

Join a legacy of adventure and exploration

National Geographic Magazine was first published in the late 1800's as a scholarly journal chronicling the projects funded by the National Geographic Society. The aim of the nonprofit was to fund exploration and scientific research around the world. It has since grown to include a television network with fascinating documentaries and educational TV series. Currently, the publication and network are owned by Walt Disney Company and the non-profit National Geographic Society. A portion of the profits still go to fund research, education, and environmental projects across the globe.

The same experts featured throughout the glossy pages of your favorite magazine can be your new travel companions when you embark on a National Geographic Expedition. The opportunity to travel with some of the world's top photographers, naturalists, writers, and explorers is one of the reasons these unique vacation packages stand out from other tour companies. There are over 200 experts who participate in the expeditions, including volcanologists, art historians, anthropologists, archeologists, marine biologists, along with many more areas of expertise. You'll be able to explore some of the world's most amazing places, like a cruise to Antarctica, armed with their expertise. Experts will often share their knowledge through presentations and discussions throughout the trips. If you're interested in an inspiring and eye-opening trip, the opportunity to interact with and learn from some of the great minds of our time may be reason enough to shell out for the Nat Geo experience.

Get up close and personal with wildlife

National Geographic Expedition Cruises travel all over the world to every single continent, and most of them focus on off-the-beaten-path destinations that are difficult to reach, like Alaska's Inside Passage and the Amazon rainforest. The itineraries spotlight destinations with the best scientific and historical sites, lasting anywhere from five days to several weeks. You'll be able to access some of the most remote, untouched, and unspoiled places on the planet. Along with the teams of experts, a professional photography teacher will be onboard to help you take the best travel photos of your life, so it's an ideal experience for aspiring photographers.

All cruise itineraries are somewhat flexible, leaving the opportunity to travel off-course to spot wildlife or spend extra time in a particularly magical place. The expedition ships are smaller than traditional cruise ships and are designed to be able to navigate hard-to-reach areas for the ultimate access to nature. Furthermore, each ship is equipped with plenty of outdoor recreation equipment for even more exploration. You'll be able to use kayaks, snorkeling equipment, underwater cameras, and more.

A Nat Geo Expedition Cruise will undoubtedly be an unforgettable trip — but it doesn't come cheap. The least expensive options include five-day cruises around California or Alaska ranging from about $3,300 to $4,000. A 23-day voyage from Greenland to Alaska costs just under $50,000. An 11-day sailing around Greece and the Dalmatian costs just under $20,000. For some travelers, the National Geographic experience is worth every penny.