The Best Things To Wear On A Flight, According To A Celebrity Stylist

It's easy to get overwhelmed when packing clothes for a trip. You want your travel capsule wardrobe to contain pieces that make you look your best, yet it still needs to accommodate time spent standing in security lines and sitting on cramped flights.

Celebrities have long been masters of "airport style" (do a quick Google search and you'll see countless paparazzi snaps of famous stars looking casual yet put-together at the airport), but how can us non-VIPs capture the same cozy yet cool aesthetic? Explore spoke exclusively with Celebrity Stylist Marisa Ledford (@marisaledford on Instagram) for her best tips on choosing plane-ready outfits, and, unsurprisingly, she suggests keeping comfort in mind. "Comfort is key when it comes to traveling," Ledford explains. "Consider how long your flight is and be sure you're choosing a practical outfit."

The stylist also says to check the weather forecast in your destination and layer clothes to accommodate temperature changes. She's a fan of Ugg boots and other snug staples for cold climates and breezy tops worn under a sweater for warm destinations. "If the plane is hot you can remove your sweater, or if the AC is blasting you can drape a sweater or scarf over you for some extra comfort," she explains.

Matching sets are comfortable without sacrificing style

Perhaps the comfort part of getting dressed comes naturally to you, but how do you make practical look chic? Marisa Ledford has a few tricks up her sleeves (no pun intended) that you can easily copy on your next travel day. The stylist tells Explore, "My favorite way to look stylish and comfortable is with a monochromatic look or a matching set. You can express your style by going for a set in a fun color and styling it with a cool pair of sneakers and chic tote bag."

When wearing matching tops and bottoms, the fashion expert says to make sure the garments fit your body well — no baggy hemlines or pieces that hide your figure. An ill-fitting set can make you feel "frumpy" or like you just rolled out of bed, Ledford warns.

Unexpected accessories are another way to dress up a comfy, flight-appropriate ensemble. "I always make sure to have a pair of sunglasses in my purse in case my seatmate has the window open too early in the morning," the stylist reveals. "You may feel like a diva, but just order a mimosa and embrace it!"

What not to wear on a flight

Matching set? Check. Sweater and scarf for layering? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Chances are, you already have Marisa Ledford's go-to flight pieces stashed in your closet, but there are some things you should think twice about before wearing on your flight. "Don't wear anything that's uncomfortable to walk around or sit in, like high heels, short dresses or skirts, or super tight jeans," the celebrity stylist notes. "I'd also advise against wearing open-toed shoes or shorts on planes in general." Sure, these pieces may be ideal during a summer vacation, but they aren't always the most hygienic choices on a plane.

Ledford also suggests being picky about fabric when selecting flight outfits. Heavy synthetic materials (think polyester and nylon) can be stuffy and make you sweat, especially during boarding when plane cabins tend to be sweltering. "Stick with natural fabrics like cotton or linen, that are much more breathable to avoid sweat or body odor during your flight (this goes for undergarments too — opt for cotton!)," the style pro recommends. If you tend to get cold on flights, go with lightweight cashmere instead.