What To Do If Your Dog Has To Use The Bathroom While On An Airplane

Even though it can be fun to go on an adventure with your dog, there can be a lot to think about before getting on the plane. One thing that may be a worry is what to do if your pet needs to go to the bathroom while you're flying, but like anything with travel, preparation is key. The best tip for traveling with your pet is to avoid feeding them for at least two to four hours before going on the journey.

This will mean they are less likely to be sick and less likely to need to go to the bathroom. However, you will need to be prepared for this eventuality, so line their crate with an absorbent pad and bring gloves, bags, and a fresh pad if you do need to change it. There should also be a pet relief area at an airport, especially as they regularly employ dogs themselves. Find out where it is before you go and make sure you have time to use it before boarding your plane.

How to prepare for a flight with your dog

Getting ready for a flight with your dog is like preparing for any long-distance trip, and forethought is essential. They will need to be crate-trained because they will need to be stowed in their carrier under the seat for takeoff and landing. Some airlines allow you to buy a seat for your dog but they will still need to be in their crate. Make sure to buy the right sort of crate as a fabric one will fit better under a seat than a plastic version. Then you will need to encourage your dog to enjoy being in the crate by offering them positive reinforcement for spending time inside it.

Depending on the rules where you live and the place you're flying to, you will need to fill out paperwork for your dog. Ensure their vaccinations are up to date as you may need to present these certificates when you fly. You will also need to pay a fee to take your pet on the plane. As the rules around bringing your dog differ between airlines, make sure to find out as much about their policies as possible to avoid falling foul of them. It is also important to note that larger dogs may need to fly as cargo, which means their food, water, and paperwork will need to go with them.

What to do on a flight with your dog

Certain things may help your dog feel calm before or during a flight. They can be swaddled, wear a collar containing calming pheromones, or be prescribed medication from the vet. This medicine can help with anxiety or travel sickness, depending on what your pet suffers from. You also need to make sure you have food in your carry-on so you can feed your dog. Even if it's a short flight outside their regular meal times, you want to account for any possible delays to avoid disrupting their feeding routine.

If it's a longer flight, then you will need to feed and hydrate them while in the air. After landing, fill a bowl with water so they can have a proper drink because much like humans, pets can get thirsty when flying. If you are going on a road trip with your pet, make sure to pack everything they will need for that trip too. Once you arrive at your destination, you'll be making memories together so bring your camera to celebrate those moments after your journey!