TikTok Has A Suggestion For What To Do With Luggage When You Arrive At Your Destination Early

The day has arrived to depart on the trip of a lifetime that you've been planning for ages. Once you arrive at your destination, however, you realize that it may be several hours before you can get into your hotel room. That's fine, you think, because you can make the most of that day by visiting some of the highlights of the city you've come so far to see. The question of what to do with your luggage looms over your plans, however. While it may be possible to store your bags at your hotel, the airport, or the train station, sometimes these locations are not situated near the sites you want to see. You may spend precious time traveling back and forth across the city just to drop off your bag. One TikToker has found the perfect solution to this dilemma. A luggage storage app will lead you to a nearby participating location where you can drop off and pick up your luggage while you explore.

Popular TiktokerĀ @raimeetravelĀ loves to share travel tips with her 274,000 followers. In this video, she's landed in Oxford, England, on her way to London. Because this is only a day trip, she isn't staying overnight in a hotel, and she needs to find a place to drop off her luggage for the day. She uses an app called Nannybag, which offers her a choice of several locations nearby where she can securely leave her bags in storage.

Store your luggage conveniently and securely

Nannybag is just one of several luggage storage apps that have developed recently, which give travelers options for storing their bags as they visit the highlights of a city. LuggageHero, Stasher, Knock Knock City, and Vertoe are a few of the other apps that have become a traveler's best friend by offering this convenience. There are a wide variety of participating drop-off locations, such as coffee shops, retail stores, flower shops, and even dry cleaners, all of which have storage space available that is secure. Each location has been approved by the app service, and insurance is included in the fee. Everything is done online, including reservation, payment, and reviews of the location.

Selin Sonmez, co-founder of Knock Knock City, explains on CNBC that their business initially included personal homes as storage solutions, "like Airbnb for luggage." However, some of these drop-off spots posed problems for clients when the hours of availability were unpredictable, or they required travelers to carry their bags up several flights of stairs. Sonmez explains that the policy now is only to accept partners who are on the ground floor and offer regular business hours, and they remove any location that receives a rating less than 3.5 stars out of 5. The apps offer locations in major cities in the U.S. and often around the world. Nannybag is located in 24 countries, and it charges $6 per bag for the first day, for example, with a $4 charge per day after that.

Enjoy the freedom to explore

Even if you've consolidated your belongings into just one carry-on, rolling it down a cobbled street in Europe will start to become tiring, and many points of interest have strict restrictions about what type of bags are allowed inside. For example, the Louvre will not store visitors' large bags or luggage, and this policy is consistent with most museums, cathedrals, and art galleries. Now that so many points of interest require advanced ticket reservations for entry, it's too risky to hope that the museum you want to visit will have room in a coat closet for your suitcase. When you make your reservation for a ticket to the art gallery, make your reservation for your bag as well at a nearby luggage storage location.

The TikTok has generated over 5,800 likes and sparked a discussion about the benefits of using the service. Raimee points out that Oxford is an example of a city that doesn't offer storage solutions at a train station or airport, and it was very convenient to use the app to find a secure storage spot nearby. She also shares that using the app is a nice way to support local businesses who have partnered with this service. One person commented that it was easy for their family of five to use the app to store their 13 bags in Paris. Other travelers agreed, with remarks like, "Game changer," "This was the smartest idea ever," "Amazing concept," and "Brilliant idea."