Why One Of The Prettiest Swimming Holes In Texas Will Never Be Too Crowded

Imagine spending the day swimming through clear, beautiful waters in a peaceful and tranquil setting, bordered by towering trees and a serene landscape. Most people would associate this picture with a tropical beach on a remote Caribbean Island. However, this tranquil scene exists at a secret swimming hole in Texas named The Blue Lagoon. This peaceful spot is not far from civilization but is a respite from the fast pace of life, and the best part is that it's never too busy. The reason The Blue Lagoon is never overcrowded is because it limits the number of swimmers who have entrance to the facility each day.

The reason for the cap on visitors is this pristine lagoon is primarily designated for scuba divers. However, it also allows a limited number of non-divers each day to enjoy recreational swimming. The Blue Lagoon is located in Huntsville, Texas, which is about an hour north of Houston. It's easily accessible from Interstate 45, but once you enter the premises, it will seem as though you've found a hidden oasis. The water is supplied by an underground spring, which is why it is so clear and fresh, with incredible visibility. These conditions make it a favorite spot for divers. However, a few lucky visitors are able to sunbathe and swim each day as well. It all depends on whether you're able to register your name on the list, and the chance of doing so changes daily.

Arrive early for a chance to swim

The Blue Lagoon is located at the site of a former rock quarry. The environment of this former quarry is not hospitable for large fish, but the clear water is an ideal setting for scuba instruction. Excellent visibility allows divers to learn new skills and practice using their equipment. There's a PADI 5-star scuba training facility onsite called Texan Scuba, which makes it easy for students to complete a class over the course of a weekend. However, many people come to The Blue Lagoon because they're drawn to such a quiet and relaxing destination. These visitors have an opportunity to enter the grounds once it's determined how many openings are left after the divers have taken first dibs.

Reservations can only be made by divers, either as students attending class, or those already certified who want to dive recreationally. Once it's determined how many people will be diving each day, the park allows a set number of other visitors to enter and enjoy the lagoon. Every day is a different story, and this means visitors who've only come to swim and have a picnic are often lined up in their cars before the park opens, hoping for a chance to come inside. The website's homepage makes it clear that some visitors may be turned away if the park reaches its capacity for the day. It's a risk that many people are willing to take, given the beauty of the lagoon and its peaceful environs.

Bring a book and enjoy the quiet

The Blue Lagoon is open from Friday through Monday and closed during the week. The opening hours on Monday and Friday are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Divers follow these same hours on Saturday and Sunday, but the hours for non-divers are limited from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a scuba instructor. Divers can make a reservation by calling 936-438-8888, and must arrive by 10:00 a.m. or else their spot will be relinquished. The entry fee is $25 for divers, $30 for non-divers over 10 years old, and $10 for younger children.

The Blue Lagoon is a quiet respite, with a few rules in place to maintain the calm and relaxing atmosphere. Pets are not allowed, and it's also not permissible to jump off the rocks into the water. Visitors who are not scuba diving are allowed to swim near the shoreline, but "open water swimming" — in the center of the lake where it's the deepest — is discouraged. While barbeque grills are not available onsite, guests are welcome to bring their own portable grills. The Blue Lagoon is a perfect spot to read a book in the shade, float on the water, and listen to the wind blow through the branches of the tall evergreens in the beautiful forest that surrounds the lagoon. The stillness and beauty of the area is a refreshing retreat.