This Hidden Coastal Spot Boasts Some Of Florida's Most Pristine Beaches With No Crowds

During high summer season, you can still get away from the crowds in Florida by discovering some wonderful secret beaches along the state's panhandle. One of the most relaxing is Alligator Point, located on a spit of land in Franklin County, along the Gulf of Mexico. These white sand beaches are considered to be part of "Florida's Forgotten Coast," which means that many tourists don't venture this far afield. They should, however, as Alligator Point boasts 8 miles of unspoiled sand to be investigated.

Alligator Point is a haven for wildlife, especially marine creatures and birds. The bay is part of the Alligator Harbor Aquatic Preserve, which helps species like endangered sea turtles to thrive in the area. This protection means that you find more marine life while paddling or fishing. It is also an ideal spot to have an outdoor adventure, both on land and in the water, as there is so much idyllic coastline to explore. Once you've visited, you'll be sure to agree that this is one of Florida's best beaches. The thing that makes Alligator Point really special is its remoteness and its wildness, which means you'll likely have some stretches of sand to yourself.

Things to do at Alligator Point

This spit of land is so thin, there are plenty of activities to fill your time on both sides of the peninsula. Aside from relaxing on the beach, you can hike or cycle along it. To explore the waters, you can swim, kayak, or canoe your way around. It has been described as a world-class area for fishing with opportunities to catch freshwater and saltwater fish. These include grouper, tarpon, and snapper. With the correct license, clam fishing is also possible here. Alligator Point is an important place to spot the critically endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtle and loggerhead turtles that frequently nest and hatch on the deserted beaches.

Those looking to spot wildlife from land will be happy that otters, deer, foxes, and, of course, alligators can be seen here. Birdwatchers will be excited to know this is a popular destination to see all kinds of different species. If you can't get enough of nature, the peninsula backs onto Bald Point State Park, where there are more trails to explore, as well as bears, coyotes, and bobcats to spot. Further into the mainland, northeast of Alligator Point, is St. Marks Wildlife Refuge, which has even more wildlife, including bald eagles and endangered species like the monarch butterfly. Once you've decided on your activities, all you need to do is find the best place to stay for your Florida vacation.

Places to stay at Alligator Point

There are no hotels or restaurants at Alligator Point as it is relatively undeveloped, with only a handful of private rentals. Your best option could be to stay nearby and travel to the beaches and nature areas during the day. However, if you want to stay on the point, The Sand Castle has a 10 out of 10 rating on Vrbo. It's right on the beach, boasting an ocean view where you can enjoy using the BBQ while watching a glorious sunset. From here, you can look for dolphins in the water as well as turtles nesting in the sand nearby.

On the mainland, about 15 minutes north of Alligator Point, is the Oaks RV Resort And Motel in Panacea, which has 4.7 stars on Google. This place is loved by guests for its location close to the waterside, clean rooms, and kind host. There is even parking for your boat! About 25 miles away is The Old Carrabelle Hotel, which has earned a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor. It is ideal for those who want the amenities of a historic city, while still having easy access to nature at Alligator Point. This traditional inn is loved by travelers for its old-world ambience that evokes your nostalgia for Florida in times gone by. Add this beautiful part of the world to your Florida road trip route and you won't regret it.