TikTok Has A Nauseating Warning For Tourists About This Popular Resort In Mexico

If you're considering a trip to Cancún — or if you've visited before — you may have heard of the Grand Oasis, a resort right in the heart of Cancún's Hotel Zone. The accommodations are all-inclusive, with food and other amenities included in the price, but according to some who have stayed there, that isn't necessarily a good thing.

Several have taken to TikTok to warn others of the stomach-turning food served at the Grand Oasis — and not just because of the tap water in Mexico. One creator named Corrina (@according2corrina) called the resort's meals "nasty" and warned that they'll "go right through you." "Buy snacks, please, because, I'm telling you, you're gonna be hungry," she urged in a video. In another clip about the Grand Oasis, TikToker @squibbiee shared that the resort's food was "nauseating" and the best meal could be found at the on-site steakhouse — but even that only earned a 4/10 rating from the creator.

Unfortunately, the buffet doesn't seem to be much better. A creator named Justin Meyers (@justinmeyers._) posted a viral clip of some questionable fruit, sad-looking salad greens, and other mystery dishes at a self-service counter. An earlier video shared by Victoria Selverian (@victoria.selverian) shows similarly unappetizing foods, proving the buffet wasn't just having an off day.

Why do people go if the food's bad?

The Grand Oasis doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to gastronomy, so why do so many tourists wind up staying there at all? One draw of the resort seems to be its location. Reviewers on Booking.com gave the Grand Oasis's location an 8.1 rating (out of 10), while rating other aspects of the accommodation lower than average for Cancún. Some appreciated that the hotel is a short taxi ride away from the nightlife strip, and others enjoyed the beautiful beach and surrounding greenery.

The all-inclusive resort is also relatively affordable compared to other all-inclusive hotels in the area, especially given its five-star status. As a result, it's popular among college students looking for a budget-friendly beach vacation, particularly during the spring break season. With this in mind, if you're more into partying than filling your stomach with gourmet meals, the Grand Oasis may still be worth a visit.

What to eat while staying at the Grand Oasis

If you plan to stay at the Grand Oasis, there's some good news: Not every dish is terrible, according to previous guests. In her TikTok video, Corrina shared that the best food she had during her trip was found in an outdoor food hall at the resort. There, she ate pizza, fries, and chicken tenders that, while far from being considered luxury dishes, were at least satisfying.

Another TikToker named Sophie (@sofaaaaking) posted a series of meal photos from her stay at the Grand Oasis, and while some dishes failed to hit the mark, she rated a few highly. According to Sophie, don't skip the chicken fingers at La Placita and the breakfast at Tatish.

If you get desperate, there are always options outside of the resort grounds. A TikTok user with the handle @undermyumberellie shared a clip of her and her friends munching on delivery pizza in their room at the Grand Oasis. Nearby, you'll also find authentic tacos at Dons Tacos and Burritos, vegan dishes at The Pink Coconut Cancún, Latin American cuisine at RosaNegra, and steak and seafood at Chambao Cancún.