This Idyllic Town In Scotland Has Beaches That Look Like A Caribbean Island

Scotland is famous for its epic coastlines, which have evoked tales of mermaids (selkies) and water horses (kelpies), but its beaches have not been immortalized in the same way. However, following the River Morar to the Atlantic Ocean, you'll find the incredible Silver Sands of Morar. These beaches have white sand and clear water that are more akin to the Caribbean than the U.K.

They are in the town of Morar, just a 41-mile drive from Fort William, the base for hiking Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the U.K. Morar and its beaches are deep in the highlands of Scotland, so it is an ideal jumping-off point for its famous lochs, coasts, nature, and wild islands. It is also a wonderful place for outdoor adventures, as this region is a paradise for those who love to discover barely-touched wilderness. According to travelers, Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world, so its incredible beaches are the perfect place to start exploring the country. 

Things to do in Morar

The Silver Sands of Morar are a string of beaches along the mouth of the River Morar that go all the way to the coast, where they merge with other local beaches. It is the ideal location for children as there is so much sand waiting to be explored. Adventurers will enjoy a kayaking or paddleboarding trip on the river as well as horseriding on the beaches. You can also look out for wildlife like seals, dolphins, and otters on the coast.

On the other side of Morar is Loch Morar, the deepest lake in Scotland. It is a lovely location to walk around while keeping your eyes peeled for Morag, the serpent-like three-humped monster said to live in the water. For panoramic views of the coastal area, walk up to the Morar Cross from the train station path. Once you've seen Morar, you can easily take a ferry to visit or explore the nearby Hebridean islands of Eigg, Canna, Muck, and Rum.

Places to stay in Morar

Make the most of your trip to this stunning Scottish destination by staying overnight in the picturesque town of Morar. According to Tripadvisor reviews, Caberfeidh House is one of the top-rated places to stay due to its gorgeous location. From this B&B, you can see the Silver Sands and the stunning Isle of Rum. Breakfast is included, and in the summer months, you can watch the local steam train chugging by.

Another highly-reviewed option is the GlenanCross Holiday Lets, a self-catering guest house. This farmhouse and courtyard was built in the 19th century. It is close to Camusdarach beach, where part of the film "Local Hero" was shot. The accommodation is child-friendly, and breakfast is available. The Morar Hotel is also popular with travelers as it has terrific views of the Hebrides and the sands. It is next to the train station and has kept its traditional style from when it was built in 1902. If you stay in any of these fantastic hotels, make sure to bring your camera to capture the vistas out of your bedroom window.