Why You Might Want To Avoid Packing Clothing With This Fruit On It For A Cruise

Swimsuit? Check. Sunglasses? Check. A fun outfit for port days? Check. While packing for a cruise vacation might seem fairly straightforward, there are certain clothing items you should be sure to keep at home. For instance, a thong bikini might be out of place on a family-friendly cruise, pajamas might get you turned away from the evening buffet, and camouflage is a common no-no at some destinations. Additionally, you'll also want to avoid any clothing covered in pineapples.

Specifically, watch out for any clothes with upside-down pineapples — unless you want to risk some X-rated interactions with fellow cruisers. As one cruiser revealed in an interview with Emma Cruises, swingers commonly use inverted pineapples as a code to connect with others looking to swap partners. He explained that when he goes to the cruise nightclub or bar with his wife, the pair will sometimes wear pineapples on their clothes to attract other swingers.

A Redditor confirmed the symbol after their clothing inadvertently attracted swingers: "Bought a lovely black dress with pineapples all over it. Got approached by a disappointed couple. Dress collects dust in the closet now sadly. Had no idea until they propositioned me."

Besides clothing, watch out for door decorations

You might not think to decorate your cabin door during a cruise getaway — unless you're a proud member of the swinging community. Perhaps more common than pineapple-adorned clothing on cruises are the doors brightened up with yellow pineapple stickers and magnets. And just like on clothing, the fruit is usually turned upside down to send a clear message to those in the know.

A viral TikTok clip posted by @dolly_olly_oxenfree humorously exposed the pineapple's meaning after the content creator's mother tried to "correct" an upside-down pineapple stuck on a fellow cruiser's door. Besides being confusing for non-swingers, the stickers aren't always so effective. A married couple who uses the icon on cruises admitted during a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) that people rarely knock on their door just because they spotted a pineapple. Instead, swinging couples generally meet in social areas of the ship, such as at the bars, and gauge their chemistry in person before allowing anyone inside their cabin.

Some cruises are more swinger-friendly than others

For swingers who enjoy meeting other like-minded couples on cruises, the upside-down pineapple is already a familiar motif. However, some journeys don't require fruit-printed clothes or stickers at all. Certain cruises cater to swingers who want to combine travel with their chosen relationship style. These include Bliss Cruise, Desire Cruises, and Luxury Lifestyle Vacations. For many swingers, these trips eliminate the awkwardness and secrecy sometimes involved on standard cruises.

Another option for lovers in open relationships is to book a cruise geared toward couples and adults. Family-oriented ships, by contrast, may offer fewer opportunities to make steamy connections.

Whether you're into swinging or not, don't be surprised if you see pineapples on dozens of cabin doors during your next cruise vacation. This doesn't always mean there are a lot of swingers on board, particularly if you're not on an adults-only cruise. Rather, pineapple stickers are sometimes placed around the ship as a gag by those aware of the fruit's secret meaning.