One Of Gordon Ramsay's Favorite Cities Is This World-Class Midwest Gem

The Windy City — a land where quick-service counter bars serving up malts and shakes and burger lounges with all the classic comfort foods thrive! Ordering a deep-dish pizza is just scratching the surface of Chicago's vibrant, whimsical culinary scene. Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and old-fashioned donuts comprise a great majority of this Midwest city's foodie landscape. Shaped by a pioneering community of chefs and food connoisseurs hungry to share their passion for the culinary arts with the local community, vacant restaurant spaces rarely stay empty for long in this city. Named the number one restaurant city of the year by Bon Appetit in 2017, it's still growing strong seven years later. With such an inventive landscape, it's no wonder British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has had a love affair with Chicago-style food for years.

An astounding entrepreneur and lover of food himself, Ramsay is the proud owner of 58 restaurants spread around the globe, with an impressive seven Michelin stars stealing the show on his resume. According to The Telegraph, Ramsay believes part of what makes Chicago such an alluring foodie capital is that its multiethnic culinary community brings an authentic edge to the city, unlike the cafes and bistros of Hollywood and New York City that rely on trends to cultivate a following. While visitors to this vibrant city often mistake it as a capital for specializing only in fried comfort food, dining at these restaurants reveals more layers than expected at its surface level. 

Chicago — the Midwest's ultimate foodie haven

As a celebrity chef, Ramsay knows a place or two in the Chicago metropolitan area known for their outstanding cuisine. His first and foremost recommendation is a creative fusion eatery known as Alinea, founded by Grant Achatz, an award-winning restaurateur. Not only does Ramsay find the food at this trendy, award-winning restaurant impeccable, but so do its guests, leading to its accolade as the best restaurant in the U.S. by Business Insider. This Michelin 3-star restaurant takes a bold approach to modern cuisine, with a nod to Achatz's unique cooking style.

Girl & the Goat is another of Ramsay's favorites to scoop up dinner when in Chicago. One of two locations in America, their seasonal menu offers unique brunch, lunch, and dinner dining experiences to the local Chicago community. Founded and owned by TV personality and world-renowned chef Stephanie Izard, the first female chef to win Bravo's "Top Chef," Girl & The Goat is just one of her culinary entrepreneurial endeavors. You won't find the menu offerings at Girl & the Goat anywhere else, with appetizers and entrees like chickpea fritters and burnt marshmallow chocolate mousse. Finally, while Ramsay and Brendan Sodikoff may be competitors when it comes to delivering the best classic comfort food, Ramsay can't resist the legendary cheeseburger from Au Cheval. With "a passion for eggs" woven into their brand, each burger at this inventive late-night bistro comes with the option of adding an egg for an additional fun flair. 

Gordon Ramsay makes a move in the Windy City

Who knew burgers could cultivate such an overwhelming sensation in a city? Ever the loyalist to this ubiquitous fast-food staple, Ramsay's first restaurant in Chicago opened its doors in 2021. Launching under the same moniker as his original outpost, the second Gordon Ramsay Burger was an exciting move in his career, given his love for the Windy City. The chef's new eclectic burger joint opened the floodgates for a new obsession of timeless classics. The other half of this ground-beef-staple duo is also on the menu — hot dawgs and lots of em'! According to Eater Chicago, Ramsay believes locals will find the standard dawg particularly appealing, spanning a foot long and topped with pickles, onions, mustard, and ketchup. And of course, the Hell's Kitchen Burger is a testament to his credit as an award-winning TV personality. 

A die-hard dessert lover, it's not surprising that his flourishing burger operation has a handful or two of indulgent desserts that will leave guests savoring the flavors well after closing their tab. The Oreo crème brûlée shake, specifically, is an extravagant concoction to cap off a meal. Layers of cookies and cream ice cream swirled with crème brûlée pudding are topped with a decadent adornment of whipped cream and an Oreo garnish — ooh la la! His captivating burger joint is one of several Gordon Ramsay restaurants. Ramsay opened his second Chicago eatery in 2023, an all-day dining concept known as Ramsay's Kitchen