Why Adventure Lovers Are So Obsessed With This Underrated State Park In The Midwest

Ohio is a place with a little something for everyone to enjoy. This Midwest state is considered the home of professional baseball, has been called home by seven U.S. presidents, and hosts the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It also happens to be an oasis of fun for adventure lovers looking to get out and make the most of experiences in the great outdoors. Those who take time during their Ohio getaway to explore Mohican State Park are in for some big thrills and perhaps, a lifelong obsession to follow.

Located in Loudonville, Ohio, about 80 miles south of Cleveland, Mohican State Park enjoys a place within the lush Mohican-Memorial State Forest. The Mohican State Scenic River runs through Mohican State Park, which spans around 1,100 acres of terrain. There's no cost to visit the park and no parking fee to plan for either when you head this way solo or alongside family and friends. Whether you're someone who loves on-the-water fun, can't wait to hit the trails, or has a passion for impossibly beautiful views, Mohican State Park has something just for you. The sheer variety of outdoor activities you can enjoy at this underrated park makes it a must-visit for adventure seekers of all ages.

Add canoeing, hiking, and mountain biking to the list

Taking advantage of easy river access is a priority for many adventurers who visit Mohican State Park. This destination is a great place to enjoy canoeing and kayaking, whether you have a few hours to spare on the water or you're looking to spend the entire day exploring. If you prefer to paddle alongside experts, Mohican Adventures offers guided Mohican River trips.

When chasing cascades is what gets your heart pounding, a hike to Lyons Falls in Mohican State Park should be your next outdoor adventure. This landmark is made up of two waterfalls to enjoy, including Big Lyons Falls and Little Lyons Falls. Both can be reached by following the 2-mile trail beginning at the park's covered bridge and running along Clear Fork Gorge. Once you arrive, you'll be treated to views of the water off Big Lyons Falls tumbling 80 feet over a small cave. Little Lyons Falls showcases a 25-foot drop through the gorge.

If it's a mountain biking adventure you're after, Mohican State Park has that, too. The park hosts an impressive 25-mile bike trail that's been a part of the National Ultra Endurance Series, known as Mohican MTB100. While you can certainly put skills to work on this route, it's as scenic as it is challenging because it's designed as a loop around the gorge that showcases the forest at its best.

Savor breathtaking views and horseback adventures

Sometimes, the most adventurous thing you can do is brave incredible heights for a new view. At Mohican State Park, that opportunity comes not in the form of difficult mountains to climb, but as a fire tower. Stretching 80 feet into the air, the Mohican State Park fire tower is an easy-to-spot landmark and the perfect place to view the park for miles out in every direction — if you're courageous enough to climb to the observation deck at the top. While this can be a white-knuckle experience if you have a fear of heights, the tower dates back to 1934 and has proven its stability in the many decades since.

If you love animals and you're looking to take your Mohican State Park adventures out on the trails in a unique way, you'll want to consider adding horseback riding to your itinerary. There are several designated bridle trails that run through the park. Many of these even extend further into the Mohican-Memorial State Forest when you're looking for a more off-the-beaten-path experience.

For park visitors who decide to head this way in the wintertime, options for outdoor adventure remain well within reach. Mohican State Park is a popular place to enjoy snowmobiling when the fresh powder falls. There are well-maintained snowmobiling trails right in the park, as well as routes that run alongside the state forest perimeters.