This Unexpected Activity Will Likely Get You Banned From Cruise Ships For Life

Even though cruise companies will go out of their way to keep guests happy, there are certain behaviors that will get passengers in big trouble if they get caught doing them. One unexpected activity that cruises are not happy with is fishing off the ship. The most severe consequence of breaking a rule onboard a cruise liner — apart from injury — is a ban for life.

That is exactly what happened to one couple who were filmed catching a tropical fish off their balcony. Carnival Cruise Lines banned them for life after watching a video of them doing it. Cruise companies themselves are subject to strict rules and regulations, so they can't take any chances with guests engaging in risky behaviors onboard. Occasionally, their own activity is scrutinized by the authorities. For example: Cruise lines operating in U.S. ports can no longer offer "cruises to nowhere," as they were effectively banned due to U.S. customs requirements. With all this in mind, it is worth behaving on a cruise ship if you ever want to sail with them again!

Why you can't fish on a cruise ship

The biggest reason that you can't fish onboard a cruise ship is that it isn't safe to do so. Fishing from a high balcony when other passengers are around means that they could unsuspectingly be hurt by the hook dangling above them. The line itself could harm someone as they may not be able to see it until it is too late. It would also be impossible to cast or reel in your line safely because the wind could flip it around. The speed of the boat would affect the line which is harder to gauge when it is at a great height. Even though it doesn't seem like a cruise ship is traveling that fast, they actually go at a speed of around 10 to 20 knots. This means that it's not possible to safely catch anything anyway.

There's also the chance that the fishing equipment could damage the boat or get caught in debris in the ocean. As cruise companies are expected to preserve the marine environment as much as possible, fishing could harm endangered species, and any equipment dropped in the ocean is classed as littering. However, if you do want to go fishing, you are permitted to take your gear on some cruise liners but you can only use that gear off of the ship while in port. A great option would be to book a dedicated angling trip while off the ship.

Things that will get you banned from a cruise ship

While there may be things that you do on a cruise which may drive people crazy, it takes quite unruly behavior or flagrantly ignoring the rules to get banned for life. Bringing on prohibited items like CBD gummies, weapons, kites, and fireworks will certainly get you into trouble and you will most likely get a ban if you're caught using any of them.

You could also be ousted for any type of risky behavior, as one woman learned in 2019 (per NBC News). She was banned from a liner after trying to recreate the "Titanic" scene for a photograph. Jumping into the ocean can also get you into trouble, as anyone going overboard creates an emergency situation for the crew. Other things that could get you banned are things which cause offence, like loud or public sex acts, nudity, pranking, inappropriate behavior, drunkenness, and smoking or vaping in shared areas. As so many people have smartphones nowadays, it makes it much harder for guests to get away with things on cruise liners because they may be filmed. This means it's probably better to behave yourself at all times!