Avoid This European Airport Known By Tons Of Travelers As One Of The World's Worst

Airports can be stressful at the best times, but some have a reputation for making things extra difficult for travelers. One of these notoriously bad travel hubs is Germany's Frankfurt Airport. It has 1.2 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot and 3 out of 10 on Skytrax Reviews. Elsewhere on the internet, it has garnered negative feedback on forums like Reddit, Quora, and Tripadvisor.

There are several reasons why it is so unpopular with travelers. One huge issue is its size and confusing layout of interconnected areas, which is like a gauntlet for those trying to reach their gate. Security is also woefully inefficient, with fliers getting stuck in long queues and waiting at the bottom of stairs at bus gates to be taken to their plane. The airport itself is also described as requiring an update and a good cleaning. Rest assured, though, that once you arrive in Germany, it is one of the most beautiful European destinations you can visit. There are also much better airports that you can fly into than Frankfurt.

Better German airports than Frankfurt

Not all airports in Germany are as disorganized as Frankfurt. In fact, this country actually has some of the best airports in Europe. So if you are traveling around, other cities may be a better option for you. German trains are also famously good, so it is easy and quick to travel from one station to another if you decide to land at another airport.

In 2023, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Munich Airport, and Hamburg Airport were all nominated in the World Travel Awards in the "Europe's Leading Airport" category. Munich is a particularly good option as it came third in the "Best Airports in Europe 2023" category at the Skytrax World Airport Awards. Dusseldorf Airport came in at No. 10 on the same list, which is another option to consider. You could also hire a car to drive from the airport to your destination and any sightseeing spots. That way, you can easily travel around without worrying about a public transport schedule.

How to have a better airport experience

As the airport you fly into can affect the overall experience of your trip, it pays to choose wisely or at least plan ahead. If you know that you will need to navigate a busy airport, download its map before you go, as well as the airline app, to save yourself time checking in. Prior to booking, be sure to check the reviews for your airport, as some cities have more than one, so you can choose the best. This is especially true if you have a transfer, as you don't want to miss your connecting flights because of queues.

If there are long lines, choose the one on the left side, as most people are right-handed and tend to go in that direction. Some of Europe's airports are enrolled in a program called "Reserve by Clear," which helps travelers get a place in the security line before they land. You will be given a QR code and reservation time so you can head to the front and scan your ticket without having to stand around. One of the participating airports is actually Frankfurt, so this could be one way to make your time there more bearable if you have no other option.