Samantha Brown's Top Eateries Make This New England State's Coast A Foodie Heaven

Paralleling miles of golden sand banks with a constant fresh-off-the-water sea breeze that permeates its coastline, Dover, New Hampshire, is a maritime treasure on the East Coast. According to TV personality and travel expert Samantha Brown, New Hampshire's seacoast has one of the most vibrant and flourishing culinary scenes in this part of the country, combining the best of classic coastal cuisine with comforting New England staples. From Dover to Portsmouth and North Hampton, this coastline is rich in mouthwatering delicacies. 

As a seafood capital, culinary entrepreneurs across New Hampshire have the ocean's freshest catch at their fingertips to inspire their endeavors. The abundance of fish, oysters, lobster, and scallops means coastal taverns have a lot to work with, while consumers get a plate full of high-quality marine fare. Of course, New England clam chowder and lobster rolls can be found at nearly every street corner cafe, paying homage to this east coast state's heritage.

According to Brown, sustainable sourcing and farm-to-table dining concepts are less of a luxury and more of a local tradition in many parts of New Hampshire's seacoast, particularly in North Hampton. Seafood may be a leading culinary attraction, but New Hampshire has cultivated a well-rounded collection of multicultural cuisines. It's no surprise that visitors can find culinary outlets from a wide range of cultures, including Asian and Italian. New Hampshire's coastline also has an incredible brewery scene, with artisan brewers crafting some of the finest IPAs, pale ales, and hard cider.

Samantha Brown's favorite local gems

If you know anything about Samantha Brown, you're most likely familiar with her popular "Places to Love" series, highlighting some of Brown's favorite destinations from around the world. It's no surprise that Dover, New Hampshire, has made its way onto this list. It's worth mentioning that she gave a particular shoutout to this seaside town's eclectic dining scene that captured her heart. One of her personal favorites? Hong Asian Noodle Bar. It's not just the steamed pork-stuffed buns that put this noodle bar on the map. Founded by three local women who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, this up-and-coming eatery quickly had lines out the door and down the street with customers eager to sample their famous noodles and broth.

Sometimes, all you need is a quality cup of coffee sourced locally and served with love, you know? Brown certainly agrees, giving a special shout-out to her personal favorite coffee house in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Cup of Joe Cafe and Coffee Bar is every local's neighborhood staple for seasonal pastries, iced americanos, or a spot of breakfast. According to this eatery, the only thing better than a cup of coffee is sipping it in the company of friends and neighbors. Their cozy lounge space strives to cultivate an uplifting social hub where community members can gather for company luncheons or an afternoon coffee break with friends. They're also famous for their espresso martinis, with half a dozen flavors to choose from!

Eat farm fresh and local

Agriculture is the cornerstone of the North Hampton community. With acres of rolling farmland and fertile soil, farmers and crop producers have access to an abundance of natural resources in which to harvest local ingredients. Restaurant owners thrive off the local produce and livestock, with apples and milk the state's two greatest commodities, according to the Department of Agriculture. Throwback Brewery is a prime example of a family-owned business supported by the natural landscape, and a personal favorite of Brown's. As a dual restaurant and farm, they source ingredients from their own farm while supporting the flourishing agriculture community. You won't find anything but farm-fresh food, wine, and beer at this brewery, which showcases the pride of this city's bread and butter.

It would be a shame to visit Dover without trying at least one famous seafood dish. Stalk is this town's bona fide example of a farm-to-table maritime restaurant with scratch-made dishes sourced straight from the sea. Everything is crafted fresh in this kitchen, sourcing ingredients from local farms and pouring back into their coastal community. They serve a little bit of everything in this eating house, from crafty cocktails and bar snacks to exquisite seafood and meat entrees. Inspired by the flavors of modern American cuisine with an upscale edge, their menu ranges from appetizers such as Huli Huli steamed buns and pan seared foie gras, to entrees like hand-rolled pasta and Georges Bank sea scallops — not to mention dessert favorites like their spiced pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.