Don't Complain About This Unless You Want Your Flight Attendants To Hate You

If you are having a bad time on a flight then there are things you can complain about which cabin crew can help with, however, there is one subject they won't thank you for bringing up. This is why ex-flight attendant Kat Kamalani took to TikTok to share one of the most annoying things that a passenger can do on a flight which is being angry about a crying baby.

While nobody likes noise on a long journey, there are better things to do than complain. She suggests that you could offer to help the parent or bring something to drown out the sound like noise-cancelling headphones. Air pressure changes can be uncomfortable on a baby's ears which can upset them, among other factors like the unfamiliar environment. Either way, there's not much a flight attendant can do to assist with that. However, you can help your cabin crew to concentrate on more important things by being a better passenger as well as avoiding the actions that commonly irritate them.

Other things that flight attendants hate

Another thing cabin crew hate is when passengers press the 'call' button during take-off or landing as they are not able to attend to you at this time. This is because flight attendants need to be in their seats to keep themselves and others safe unless it's an emergency. It is also annoying for them when one person presses the bell multiple times as they have other people to help too.

Asking if you can change seats for whatever reason is also a difficult problem for attendants to deal with onboard. This is because they can't see the seating plan like the ground staff can, so it is not as easy for them to reallocate people once they're on the plane. If you really need to change your seat it is better to ask at the airport as soon as you check in. Whenever you fly, it is important to remember that crew have a lot of things to deal with, so much so that flight attendants have code words to discuss it all.

How to keep flight attendants happy

There are things that flight attendants notice about you as soon as you board a plane, so it is worth trying to make a good impression! One important thing to do in order to be a better passenger is to make sure that you can lift your own bag. As checked baggage is increasingly a perk that needs to be paid for, attendants struggle to assist with everyone's heavy luggage as well as fitting it into the small overhead compartments.

It also helps the crew if you listen to announcements, especially when it comes to the fasten seatbelt sign as it can keep you safe when there are turbulent conditions. Obeying instructions also saves time as having to tell people to put their belts on or put their tray tables up before landing or take-off takes attendants away from other important jobs. It goes without saying that cabin crew enjoy a gift as a reward for their hard work, especially when it is an expensive box of chocolates!