See All The Best Parts Of Oahu On This Award-Winning, Can't Miss Tour

The tropical Hawaiian islands are a diverse collection of dreamy paradise-like pockets in the northern Pacific. Each one offers a unique blend of experiences, from remote jungle living on Kauai and the nightlife-rich streets of Maui to the tropical urban oasis that makes up Oahu. Oahu is the Hawaiian Islands hub, pairing the heights of urban living with tropical relaxation. Home to the world-famous Waikiki Beach and the historic city of Honolulu, the state's capital, Oahu is a nature-rich sanctuary that combines the best of each island into one. Whether you're planning a quick trip to these soft golden sands or are just eager to see the best and brightest this island has to offer, Royal Star Hawaii is one of the top-ranked tour agencies on Oahu. Its Grand Circle Island and Haleiwa tour, which earned a 2023 Travelers' Choice Best of the Best award from Tripadvisor, guides visitors around the entire island, showcasing major hot spots in nine hours.

Headlining attractions include Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Halona Blowhole, and the sparkling beaches along the North Shore. For $135, this round-trip excursion takes the stress out of guessing and planning, leaving more room to ease back into the journey and enjoy the ride. Beginning on the southeastern side of Oahu, travelers gradually make their way up the island's Windward and northwestern coastlines before circling back to their pickup point of choice. From crystal-clear beach parks and charming coastal villages to ancient temples and local plantations, this full-day, award-winning Hawaiian Island tour has it all!

Experience Hawaiian culture

Halona Blowhole is the first stop on this lush coastal tour. Within the first ten minutes, travelers will pass by iconic landmarks, including Diamond Head, the upscale secluded neighborhoods of the Kahala Gold Coast, and the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve, a marine sanctuary. Formed by molten lava tubes over thousands of years, the Halona Blowhole is somewhat of a miniature volcano itself, sucking in seawater before releasing it in the form of a 30-foot geyser. Located along the Halona Beach Cove, this scenic outlook is one of Oahu's most captivating gems. Just 5 miles from downtown Honolulu, the next stop, Nu'uanu Pali, is perched along Pali Highway and overlooks the rain-washed Koʻolau cliffs, Kāneʻohe, and Kailua, Mokoliʻi. The entire Windward side of the island is visible from this point, making it one of the best roadside stops to get a birds-eye view of Oahu's lush landscape.

The tour then heads to the Byodo-In Temple, a historic remnant of Japanese culture intertwined with Hawaiian history. It is just one remaining fragment of Japan's heritage on the island. Built in 1963, this traditional Buddhist temple is a replica of the almost 1,000-year-old Byodo-In Temple in Uji, Japan. The temple was dedicated as a commemoration of Japanese immigration to the Hawaiian Islands. Located in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park and nestled against a backdrop of the Ko'olau Mountains, the temple houses lush gardens and a meditation pavilion, making it a treasured landmark on Oahu and a sacred part of Hawaiian culture.

Explore the best of Oahu's North Shore

The Grand Circle Island and Haleiwa tour pays a visit to what was once a small roadside operation. It has since transformed into a flourishing plantation situated along Kualoa Regional Park on the Windward Coast. Known by locals as "the little country store on your way to the North Shore," Tropical Farms is Oahu's signature family-owned macadamia nut outlet. This vibrant country mart sells everything from fresh macadamia nuts harvested on the island and indulgent jams and syrups to its signature roast, Kona Macadamia coffee. It offers every flavor of macadamia nut imaginable, from cinnamon and caramel to coffee and onion garlic glazed. 

Circling the North Shore, an award-winning Oahu tour wouldn't be complete without passing through the sleepy, laid-back surf town of Haleiwa. Surf shops, boutiques, art galleries, and plantation-turned restaurants line the sand-strewn streets of this artistic community. Popularized beaches like Waimea, Banzai Pipeline, and Sunset are all right around the corner, creating a dreamy coastal retreat along Oahu's North Shore.

Last but certainly not least, Dole Plantation is the final stop on this island tour, rounding out the journey with an indulgent snack. One of Oahu's most popular tourist attractions, this pineapple plantation was once a simple fruit stand founded in 1950 but quickly grew a cult following. Something about sipping on pineapple juice amidst the lush jungles of Hawaii makes this tropical fruit taste so much better! After collecting your share of pineapples for the road, travelers will pass by downtown Honolulu before returning to the southeast shore.