Viral TikTok Reveals How And Where Flight Attendants Sleep Soundly On A Plane

While many economy passengers are forced to sleep sitting up on a long-haul flight, the crew thankfully get to lie down during their breaks. They do this in small beds in cabins which are usually hidden out of sight of passengers. TikToker @earnygaga went viral after she filmed her tiny 'bedroom' on a plane where she was working as a flight attendant, since many people didn't even know these places existed.

She revealed in the comments that the four pilots also take turns to sleep in their cabin as they work in shifts. This swap works the same for flight attendants. There are usually two groups which take turns to do a meal service, then take a break when the other shift takes over. This is important as it means that the staff are well-rested so they are prepared to take care of passengers, as well as anything else that happens on the flight. What is interesting about the crew rest areas is that most of the people on the plane don't even realize where these mini-cabins are hidden.

Where the airplane crew sleep

It can be hard to imagine where your cabin crew sleep because their quarters are not in an obvious place. However, flight attendants usually have beds in the front of the aircraft, so they can be tucked away behind the cockpit, in the space above the first-class passengers, or above economy via a secret door. These cabins are quite small if they're singular, but sometimes there is a communal room where attendants sleep at the top of the plane. Some models of planes may have bunk beds, but they are generally small and without a window.

Pilots also sleep in compartments that are usually at the top of the plane, but it is a different setup for them. They usually have a business class seat as well as a bed, and sometimes even a closet to hang their uniform in. As there is more space, they may even have their own bathroom so they don't ever need to be seen by passengers. While this is good for the crew, the rest of the people on the flight have to find a way to sleep upright in an uncomfortable space on a long journey.