Fight Seasickness On Your Next Cruise With This Strange But Effective Burrito Hack

Knowing you have an amazing cruise coming up with exciting destinations to explore along the way is always thrilling. If you happen to be someone who struggles with seasickness, it's those sea days in between ports of call that can be problematic. Symptoms of seasickness can include everything from cold sweats and headaches to dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Whether you experience one or all of them, it's a fast way to ruin an otherwise great cruise.

Unfortunately, the waves don't work on anyone's preferred schedule, so travelers have to take matters into their own hands. That's where the "burrito hack" comes into the play. You're likely familiar with solutions like seasickness medication, wristbands, and strategically positioning yourself on the best spot on the ship for the least amount of motion. However, it just might be this strange — but effective — technique that saves the day and perhaps, your entire cruise.

Loss of appetite is a symptom of seasickness, but not to worry, this hack isn't named for food. Instead, it's named for the secure in-cabin cocoon you'll be creating to keep seasickness at bay. Essentially, you'll be turning your own cruise mattress into a shell-shaped retreat where you can "burrito" yourself in place on those extra rocky days at sea. It's a technique that's definitely worth adding to your arsenal of options when you're battling seasickness onboard a ship.

Reduce motion and uncomfortable symptoms

A good way to reduce the symptoms of seasickness is to minimize motion in one direction or another. If you go to lie down in your cabin when you feel nauseous, you can't always control the vertical motion of the ship due to waves, but you can reduce horizontal motion with a few simple changes to your mattress. Start by taking the lifejackets in your cabin and stuffing them under your mattress on one of the long sides. This will lift that side of your bed so that the other side forms an angle – almost like a hammock (or a burrito) – with the wall. Then, you can jump in and enjoy resting without having to worry about being rolled around. The wall and half-lifted mattress will hold you firmly in place, which gives you a chance to breathe deep, relax, and minimize those nauseous vibes.

This burrito hack works in any cabin, but it's especially useful in an inside cabin where you don't have the benefit of access to fresh air or a view. Motion sickness is the result of your brain receiving mixed motion signals from your eyes and inner ear. Contradicting messages can make you feel ill quite quickly. The burrito hack helps stabilize the motion of your body so your brain is processing minimal movement messages at once. Feel free to burrito yourself up midday or make it your sleeping arrangement at night so you can wake up feeling refreshed and enjoy your cruising experience to the fullest.