This Hidden Southeastern Destination Is The Ultimate Glamping Retreat For Couples

Love the idea of tent camping but wish it was a little less rough? Want to enjoy a glamorous retreat without the steep price tag? Looking for ways to combine the tranquility of nature with modern-day amenities? Sounds like a glamping trip is right up your alley.

An increasingly popular type of accommodation that's quickly made a name for itself with millennial and Gen Z leisure travelers, glamping combines the best of both worlds to create an experience that's both comfortable and immersive. On one hand, you get to enjoy a quiet getaway surrounded by nature; then, on the other, you're treated to all of the comforts of home with beds, plumbing, and sometimes even Wi-Fi. Now that's what we call a win-win.

However, with thousands of glamping sites dotted around the country to choose from, figuring out where to take your glamorous camping next can be a challenge. Luckily, though, there are certain destinations that scream out more than others — and that's exactly what makes Dunya Camp, in Georgia, so special.

Soaking up peace in nature

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle in northeastern Georgia — and a quick 8.5-mile drive from the city of Summerville — Dunya Camp is what glamping dreams are made of. Secluded and serene, this not-so-little slice of luxury outdoor living — the property covers a sprawling 42 acres — currently offers six beautifully designed and fully equipped safari-style tents that are the perfect retreat for couples looking to unwind together.

With a maximum occupancy of two people per tent — and a strict no pets or children under 12 policy — Dunya offers two types of stays: a "Sunset Tent" and a "Sunset Grand Tent." While both accommodations offer similar amenities — including a king-size bed, private bathroom and outdoor shower, modern kitchen appliances, private fire pit, and deck loungers — the camp's "Sunset Grand Tent" also boasts unparalleled views of some pretty spectacular Georgia sunsets.

In terms of pricing, the cost of booking a getaway at Dunya Camp depends on the accommodation you choose. For one, booking the "Sunset Tent" will set you back $515 during the week — with a minimum two-night stay — and roughly $581 during the weekend — with a three-night requirement. Meanwhile, booking their "Sunset Grand Tent" for a weeknight stay costs about $592, and an estimated $680 for a weekend jaunt.

Elevate your stay at Dunya Camp

In order to ensure an even more memorable stay, Dunya also offers plenty of activities that you and your partner can enjoy together. From hiking trails that spread across the property to an on-site labyrinth and a 1,500 square foot yoga deck, you don't need to worry about finding ways to relax or stay active — Dunya Camp has you covered.

Additionally, there's also a wide selection of add-on experiences to enhance your stay and create even more memorable moments together. Some of these include: ritual baths, starting from $75 and designed as the ultimate self-care indulgence; in-tent massages, which cost between $588 (60-minute session) and $688 (90-minute session) for two people; a s'mores evening that includes a bottle of wine for $90; and a three or four-course meal cooked by a private chef for $588 or $608, respectively.

Lastly, for travelers wondering what to pack, you'll be relieved to know that glamping isn't as demanding as traditional camping in terms of what you need to carry. Specifically, the Dunya team recommends that you bring your own groceries if you're planning to cook, as well as comfortable shoes, a rain jacket, and sunscreen. Everything else — including cutlery, bedding, one pack of firewood, and even toiletries — is provided for you upon your arrival.