The Colors You Should Avoid Wearing If You're Traveling Solo, According To Samantha Brown

When packing for an upcoming vacation, you most likely choose clothes tailored to the climate you'll be visiting and shoes that allow you to sightsee on foot without suffering dreaded heel blisters. However, that's only the beginning of assembling your travel capsule wardrobe, according to travel expert Samantha Brown. The host of "Samantha Brown's Places to Love" told Forbes that tourists should carefully consider the color of their clothing, too, particularly if they plan to travel alone.

As Brown revealed to the publication, "I think Americans have a tendency to dress in bright colors, and I think you want [to] dress down and wear earth colors." Yep, the professional globe-trotter says that bright red, pink, orange, teal and other eye-catching hues are best kept at home, not in your travel suitcase. However, her reasoning is more than a personal preference — following Brown's advice could keep you safe during your next solo adventure.

Bright colors could attract unwanted attention

Samantha Brown shared this mistake to avoid with Forbes after detailing a frightening encounter during a solo outing in Belize City. As she explained, she had a sinking feeling as she started strolling around alone, but she continued, knowing she couldn't spend her entire day in her hotel. Soon after, a group of over a dozen men surrounded the TV personality and began physically and verbally harassing her. "Then they all went away. They were just picking on me. It felt pretty aggressive," she recounted.

Besides learning to follow her gut, the experience reminded Brown that it's best not to draw much attention to yourself as a tourist, so she avoids wearing bright clothing. The travel expert also wrote on her website, "When I'm on TV I wear very bright colors so that I stand out from the crowd. When I'm not on TV I like to blend in. Thieves and pickpockets will scan a crowd for whoever grabs their attention and it's usually the clothes they're wearing."

It's no secret that bright hues tend to catch the eye more than muted ones, and yellow is thought to be the most attention-grabbing shade. However, there's one exception: A brightly colored bag or wallet may be less likely to get stolen, since it would be easier to spot by police later. Similarly, according to author and travel expert Bob Arno (via ABC News), bright luggage is less likely to be chosen by thieves.