This Is The Most Romantic Destination To Watch The Sunset In This Northwest State

When you're traveling with the one you love most and pursuing romantic adventures in the Northwest U.S., you'll find the sunsets particularly appealing in Idaho. There's something endlessly inspiring about watching the sun close in on the horizon with stunning mountains and valleys sprawling in the distance. However, when you're looking to elevate that romantic sunset moment even further, you'll want to be sure to find time to travel to Camas Prairie.

Located less than three miles from Fairfield, Idaho, the Camas Prairie is part of the protected Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area. Spanning both sides of Highway 20 for about 15 miles, Camas Prairie is a haven for wildlife thanks to its pairing of traditional prairie landscapes and seasonally flooded wetlands that offer up rich and abundant ecosystems. While bird watchers and landscape photographers could likely find reasons to linger here for days, those who are specifically looking for romantic sunsets will find this is exactly the place to be. This is in large thanks to the flowers the prairie's name honors. Here, you can expect to find an impressive collection of Camas lilies in bloom each spring, enhancing the sunset in a breathtaking way only nature could design.

Count on a colorful and captivating prairie view

Setting out to experience the most gorgeous sunsets can be a satisfying venture. It's an equally romantic and vibrant experience when you choose Camas Prairie as your viewing destination. The Camas lilies bloom for miles on end starting in May, which creates a unique and colorful effect across the terrain. This is due to the flower's brilliant blue and purple hue, which in the daytime, when the blooms are at their best, can almost perfectly resemble a clear body of water. 

Enjoying the Camas lily blooms under the midday sun is always a treat. However, it's when the sun begins to go down that the scenery takes a more romantic turn. The combination of fading sunlight scattered across the purple and blue petals creates an otherworldly effect over the prairie that's unforgettable.

While a sunset savored at Camas Prairie is picturesque any time of year, you can make the most of the floral effect during prime blooming season. The lilies last throughout the month of May and it's often those last 10 days that showcase the Camas lilies in their boldest form. If you can't get here until June, don't worry, as the blooms have been known to last through the early part of that month.

Pair your sunset viewing with rich history

The most romantic part of any experience is often the fact that you're sharing your interests with someone you love. If your adoration for sunset seeking is rivaled only by your shared passion for history, watching the sun go down at Camas Prairie is bound to be even more meaningful. That's because the very Camas lilies that help create such a dazzling evening effect were also considered a delicacy by the Native American tribes that long called Camas Prairie home.

The abundant bulbs were collected by the Nez Perce, Cree, and Blackfoot tribes alike to be cooked, ground into meal, or steamed and preserved. The roots of the Camas lily were often used to make bread, while these eye-catching flowers were also used for medicinal purposes within tribes. Early explorers Lewis and Clark were introduced to the Camas lily by the Nez Perce, and subsequently documented the flower in their expedition journals.

It's fair to say that Camas Prairie has played an important role in history. Today, it remains a fascinating destination for nature enthusiasts and sunset admirers alike. Between the rich legacy, colorful blooms, and evening views that await, Camas Prairie promises to provide a one-of-a-kind romantic sunset experience you won't soon forget.