This Lovely Little Island Is Where You'll Find The Most Beautiful Beach In Croatia

Croatia is an underrated Mediterranean gem with incredible beaches and fascinating ancient history. Lopud Island has the best of both worlds and it is one of many beautiful places to visit in Croatia. Its star attraction, Sunj Beach, is on the other side of the island from the port where you arrive by boat.

There are four or five ferries daily from Gruž port in Dubrovnik via some small islands to Lopud. This island is perfect to visit just for the day or you can stay in one of the charming beachside accommodations overnight. The ferry takes about an hour but it is a scenic journey that gives you the opportunity to admire the Adriatic coast. There are no cars on Lopud, so if you want to get to Sunj Beach you can walk or take the golf cart shuttle for a small fee. It takes 30 minutes to walk to Sunj Beach, which is a great way to get to know this picturesque island. 

What to do on Lopud Island

Aside from its beaches, the jewel in Lopud's crown is its 15th-century Franciscan monastery which looks out onto the ocean. It has been restored and is now possible to visit, but you need to contact the property to make an appointment for a guided tour in advance. There is also the pocket-sized village of Lopud to explore — a great place for people-watching with a coffee. You can sit in one of the restaurants or cafes and watch the boats come and go throughout the day or visit one of the nearby beaches without crossing the island. Behind the village promenade is Gjorgjic-Mayneri Park, the island's botanical gardens, which house Greek and Roman ruins as well as heat-loving plants like cacti.

At the highest point of the island is the Fortress Sutvrac. You can walk up the steep incline to reach the ancient ruins at a vantage point with the best view of the surrounding landscapes. Over on Sunj Beach, you can play volleyball, try sea kayaking, or go jet skiing. For the adventurous, there is a "clothing optional" section at the far end of Sunj. As Lopud is part of the Elaphites archipelago, you can also join a tour or rent a boat to visit the nearby Koločep Island which has caves and swimming spots to explore. If you stay in Lopud overnight, the island becomes quieter and you can eat at one of its wonderful restaurants once the day trippers have gone home.

Where to stay on Lopud Island

There is nowhere to stay on Sunj Beach itself, but there are some wonderful accommodations on the other side of the island. Villa Lopud is a great option when traveling as a group. While there are currently only 16 Google reviews for Villa Lopud, they are all 5 stars which shows the enthusiasm for this unique rental. Guests adore the lovingly restored old house that can sleep up to 12 guests with features like a pool on the terrace with views over the bay. For those who prefer something bigger, Lafodia Hotel & Resort is a 4-star hotel with over 150 rooms on a private beach, with gym and spa facilities, restaurants, and bars.

A more budget-friendly option, the Lopud Apartments are close to the port and also loved by travelers. Guests were smitten with these well-kitted-out units, especially as the hosts would leave fresh local produce and even grappa for them to enjoy. If you can't decide when to come here, Croatia is perfect for visiting in the fall. The prices are lower, the weather is more mild, and there are fewer crowds so you may have parts of Lopud Island to yourself!