One Item You Should Never Use A Plane's Restroom Without, According To A Flight Attendant

Airplanes fly at such high speeds and altitudes that it would not be possible for humans to breathe its air. Yet the technologies behind a plane's design make it so the plane's airflow is sufficient enough to allow passengers to breathe freely. This is the case even though airplanes feel rather cramped. The parts of all planes that are even more cramped than the cabins itself are the plane's restrooms. This is why you should avoid wearing clothing that is cumbersome to take on and off. However, there is something you might want to put on while in an airplane restroom. Mask requirements have eased since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but according to flight attendants, you may still want to have one on hand during flights.

Air flow is integral to an airplane's manufacturing given the thin air at a flight's high altitudes. Unfortunately, the airflow throughout a plane's cabin is not as sufficient in the plane's restrooms. "There is no window and the air ventilation is poor," an anonymous former flight attendant explained to the New York Post. Therefore, particles of human waste linger in the "cupboard with no clean air," which is how the former attendant described airplane bathrooms. 

The poor airflow in airplane restrooms makes the air unclean

Air travel greatly decreased during the onset of COVID-19. Who wanted to risk being in a small enclosed space with dozens of people during a pandemic? To ease travelers' minds, airlines publicized their cleaning routines and required masks for staff and passengers. Despite the ramped up cleaning routines and apparent gusto of the flushing abilities of an airplane toilet, and the fact that you can at least wash your hands with the provided soap and water, the bathrooms are still among the dirtiest spots on a plane. Human waste particles in the air aside, the New York Post's anonymous source advises passengers to bring as few personal items into the bathroom as possible, and to touch as few surfaces while inside the bathroom as well.

To ease your mind while using the bathroom on a flight, the former attendant recommends putting on a mask while doing so. The Mayo Clinic states that tight-fitting, multi-layered cloth masks made of cotton, or professional masks like N95 and KN95, offer solid protection against airborne germs. Why not employ them to ward against the harmful bacteria in an airplane bathroom?