This Asian Island Is A Little-Known Paradise With Unimaginably Beautiful Views

Indonesia is a country with so many islands, that it's easy to find a barely discovered paradise here. One place with jaw-dropping views that is rarely visited by tourists is Sombori Island, also known as Pulau Sombori and "the Raja Ampat of Sulawesi." The reason it is so beautiful is due to its natural lagoons, shallow turquoise waters, and exquisite surrounding islands that you also have to visit.

If you love marine life, then you can combine this vacation with a trip to Tomia Island, where you can dive in the unforgettable Wakatobi National Marine Park. Just as you can get to Tomia from Kendari on Sulawesi, it is a two-hour boat trip from Kendari to Sombori Island. As Sombori and its surrounding islands are so remote, the easiest way to visit is on a tour. Due to the limited options for traveling here, you will have many of its beauty spots to yourself.

What to do at Sombori Island

The main thing to do at Sombori Island is explore its lagoons, as it is the perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving due to its sheltered bays and corals. It is usually visited on a three or four-day tour with two or three nights spent at a homestay, during the day you will be out on a boat discovering the different islands.

A particularly scenic spot on Sombori is Grandma's House (Rumah Nenek), named after a fisherwoman who lived in the shack there. Legend has it that she kept a whale shark in the water by feeding it for two months before letting it go due to the amount it ate. The Five Kings Lagoon is another gorgeous place on Sombori to take in. To get a good view of the karst landscape, head up Sombori Hill on the nearby Pulau Kayangan. Other wonderful spots in and around Sombori include Koko Island, Ambokita Island, Hermit Crab Beach, Diamond Cave, and Prehistoric Cave which has ancient handprints.

Where to stay near Sombori Island

The only real option for sleeping on Sombori is in a homestay which you would need to arrange once you visit or via a local agent. The small island of Labengki Kecil, next to the larger island also has cheap fishing huts to stay in. Otherwise, there are a few places to stay on nearby Labengki Island. A top-rated option is Labengki Nirwana Resort, which has an impressive 4.7 stars on its Google Reviews. Guests love it for the delicious seafood and tradition-style bungalows that stand on stilts over the water.

A cheaper option is the Labengki Beach Huts which has the same star rating in its traveler reviews. While these small huts are fairly basic, they are in an awe-inspiring location on the beach where you can also enjoy eating the catch of the day. If remote islands are your thing, another unbelievable secret paradise in Southeastern Asia is the Kai Islands in the neighboring Indonesian region of Maluku.