Sleep With Your Head And Feet In Different European Countries At This Unique Hotel

Have you ever dreamed of being in two enchanting places at the same time? If so, you might want to check out the Hôtel l'Arbézie Franco-Suisse, also known as Hotel Arbez. The hotel has a fascinating feature that sets it apart from others: it is divided by an international border. Hotel Arbez is in the stunning Jura Mountains, between France and Switzerland. This unique placement allows guests to cross international borders effortlessly while moving around in the hotel.

You can wake up in Switzerland, have breakfast in France, and return to your hotel room in Switzerland, all in a matter of minutes. Some of the hotel's rooms are even placed in such a way that they straddle the national boundary, which gives guests an extraordinary opportunity to sleep in two different countries simultaneously. The Hotel Arbez is the place to be if you want to experience something remarkable. Its location also offers breathtaking views of both countries, and visitors can enjoy the outdoor activities and attractions that the Jura Mountains have to offer. 

The origins of Hotel Arbez

In the late 19th century, the Hotel Arbez came into existence following a territorial dispute between France and Switzerland over the Vallée des Dappes. Although the valley had little value as a territory, it was an accessible military route between France and Savoy. France tried to acquire the area several times, but the Swiss refused every time. Finally, in 1862, France offered a nearby section of its own territory, which was comparable in size, in exchange. The Swiss agreed, and the boundary was drawn in such a way that it cut the village of La Cure in half.

When the treaty was signed in December 1862, the land where the Hotel Arbez stands today was owned by a smuggler named Ponthus. He quickly took advantage of the situation and built a three-story structure that straddled the border. He opened a store in the Swiss section of the building and a bar in the French section. In 1921, Ponthus's son Jules-Jean Arbez remodeled and reopened it as a hotel. During World War II, Max Arbez, Jules-Jean's son, went out of his way to help Jews, fugitives, and English pilots cross the border into Switzerland safely through the hotel.

Amenities and activities at Hotel Arbez in Les Rousses

The Hotel Arbez features 10 comfortable guestrooms, each equipped with a private bathroom. The spaces range from single rooms to family rooms, with prices starting at €89 (just under $100). Guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet every morning. The hotel offers two eateries, providing guests with a unique dining experience. The brewery specializes in dishes like Gaston Gérard chicken gratinated with Comté cheese and morel fondue. Meanwhile, the restaurant Le Poyet offers lighter options such as cheese plates and burgers.

The hotel is located in Les Rousses, a region renowned for skiing, golfing, and hiking; guests can enjoy these activities to their heart's content. For instance, the Rochat Golf Course is just over 3 miles away, and the Dappes-Dôle Ski Lift is approximately 2.5 miles away, offering convenient access to skiing and golfing. Hotel Arbez is a unique and enchanting place to stay, blending history, hospitality, and culinary delights. When staying at Hotel Arbez, you'll experience crossing international boundaries as part of your nightly routine.