This North American Country Is One Of The Safest Destinations In The World

Some tourists take safety into account almost as much as cost or logistics when traveling. While a country's perceived safety or lack thereof is sometimes due to stereotypes or sensationalized news stories, there is no denying that some places are largely safer than others for both tourists and locals alike. Things like crime, terrorism, weather, wildlife, and even infrastructure factor into a country's overall safety.

Travel insurance company Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection took the aforementioned factors into account plus research from the Global Peace Index and the U.S. State Department to declare Canada as the safest travel destination for 2024. Canada does have an occasionally comedic reputation for its friendly citizens, as displayed when the news team in "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" encounters their overly polite Canadian news counterparts. Therefore, it may not come as a surprise that Canada sees low crime per capita and less fear of crime as well. On top of all of that, Canada is well worth a visit as it combines incredible nature with vibrant cities and even multiple languages.

Multiple factors contribute to the safety of Canada

The longest border between two countries in the entire world is that of the United States and Canada. As longstanding allies with similar land areas, government systems, and legacies of colonialism and indigenous communities, the two often get compared. According to the 2023 Global Crime Index, Canada ranks 160th in the world on the Global Crime Index while the U.S. ranks 67th (with the top-ranked country being the one with the most crime). Other countries ranked similarly to Canada include Estonia, Cuba, and Bhutan.

Canada is among the largest countries in the world as well but has a lower population density than countries of similar size like the U.S., Russia, and China. This, along with Canada's cold weather (almost 40% of its territory is within an Arctic climate zone), are two reasons why Canada ranks well on global safety measures. Additionally, Canada has significant affordable housing plans, strict nationwide gun laws, free health care, and an overall happy population. In fact, on the OECD Better Life Index, Canadian responses averaged seven out of 10 when asked to rate their overall life satisfaction.

Montreal is among the world's safest cities

Among Canada's popular tourist destinations is Montreal, a historic city in the French-speaking province of Quebec. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection ranked Montreal among the safest cities in the world as well. The city is popular for its buildings dating back to the 1600s, the massive St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal Basilica, and the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac hotel. Its European feel even makes it a pretty good Paris alternative. Other beautiful destinations in Canada include Banff National Park, Vancouver Island, multiple places to see the Northern Lights, and of course the country's largest city, Toronto.

A recent question mark on Canada's safety has come in the form of wildfires which have affected the United States as well. In 2023, northern and northeastern states dealt with hazardous air qualities, prompting viral photos of New York City dimmed by a smokey orange haze. Scientists have attributed the global increase in wildfires to warmer and drier weather brought on by climate change, a safety factor that is threatening much more than just Canada.