$1.5 Million Dream Trip: 900-Plus UNESCO Sites

How many superlatives can you fit into one vacation? Let's see...

Most expensive? Try $1.5 million for two people.

Longest? I challenge you find a package holiday longer than two years.

Most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in a single bound? How about all 962 of them? (Well, most of them anyway.)

London travel agency Hurlingham Travel recently teamed up with the luxury product website VeryFirstTo.com to bring you one insanely expensive vacation that promises to take you and a companion on a two-year tour to every single UNESCO site that isn't currently under a travel advisory.

For the average lifetime income of an American college graduate, you and a partner/friend/spouse can see the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, Machu Picchu, and the Statue of Liberty without having to book through multiple tour operators. Time to check Ireland's Archaeological Ensemble of the Bend of the Boyne off your obsessive-compulsive bucket list!

According to Hurlingham spokesman Andrew Barker, the company has had eight inquiries into the package so far, primarily from the U.K., but also from China.

Tricky spots like the Ancient City of Damascus in war-torn Syria are off the list for now. "We have to follow the advice of the U.K. Foreign Office," said Barker in an email.

As for their ability to execute the task of shuttling two people to 900-plus sites in 730 days without one person killing the other in a state of jet lag-induced delirium?

"Yes, we are very confident we can manage the travel arrangements," said Mr. Barker. "We tailor-make itineraries to suit the client for every trip and this trip will be no exception."