This One-Of-A-Kind Destination Lets You Sleep Among Canada's Most Powerful Predators

Tourists looking for a truly unforgettable experience that allows them to connect with some of Canada's most incredible animal species should consider planning a trip to Parc Omega for wildlife watching adventures. Located in the central region of Canada in the province of Quebec, Parc Omega is an expansive wildlife park that covers more than 2,200 acres.

The project was established in 1985 and opened to the public in 1991, intending to showcase North American animal species to inspire education through experiences and interaction in a natural setting. Parc Omega is a member of Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA), which means they operate under firm guidelines and regulations regarding animal care. Unlike traditional zoos, animals at Parc Omega can roam through the expansive park in their natural habitat, and many are able to live and interact with each other as they would in the wild. Only animals who can comfortably live in Quebec's climate are showcased at the wildlife park.

On a visit to Parc Omega, tourists can get up close and personal with more than 500 animals from 26 different species.If you're looking for the ultimate thrill, consider booking one of Parc Omega's cabin rentals that are located within the wolf, bear, or deer habitats. During your stay, you can gaze through panoramic windows to enjoy animal encounters from the safety and privacy of your luxurious accommodations. The one-of-a-kind experience will create lifelong memories and a deep appreciation for some of Canada's most majestic animals.

Get up close and personal with wildlife during a luxurious cabin stay

Parc Omega has a number of cool accommodations, but the wolf cabins are by far the most sought-after. If you want to sleep overnight with the wolves, bears, or deer, you will want to make your reservations well ahead of time — they tend to book up months in advance.

For close encounters with the wolves, there are three different options to choose from. The first is the Wolf Cabin, a luxurious traditional-style cabin that sleeps up to four people. The Wolf Chalet is slightly larger and sleeps up to six people. The Wolf Lodge is great for large families or groups of friends; it also sleeps six people and has a spacious 1,362-square-foot interior. Prices for these accommodations range from $580 to $849 per night.

If you'd rather watch the deer frolic, consider booking the Nature Suite, which sleeps up to 4 people. From this rental, you'll have views from multiple angles into the habitat containing white-tailed deer, fallow deer, and European mouflon. Prices start at $599.

The two Wolf and Bear Suites are the newest rentals, which allow visitors to witness young wolves interact with bears. The suites sleep up to four people with two queen beds. There is one single-story suite and one two-story suite available. Prices are from $599 to $679. With each stay at one of the cozy rentals, you'll receive free entry into Parc Omega for the people in your group.

Planning your thrilling escape into nature

Parc Omega is open year-round, even on holidays. It's a 1.5-hour drive from the popular city of Montreal, in Montebello. It may be hard to leave the magic of your private cabin overlooking fascinating Canadian animal species but take advantage of experiencing the rest of Parc Omega during your stay. You can enjoy a safari drive from the comfort of your vehicle. As you drive along the 7.5-mile route, you'll have the opportunity to view animals like elk, wolves, bears, foxes, and bison. The animals are accustomed to humans, and you can feed many of them through your vehicle's windows. The only thing you're allowed to feed the animals is carrots, which you can bring from home or buy when you arrive. If you aren't staying overnight, you can purchase tickets for a day trip to the park for around $32 per adult. Discounts are available for children, seniors, and families purchasing multiple tickets.

Dog sledding is one of the newest activities offered at Parc Omega during the winter. The ride lasts around 20 minutes, and you'll be able to either drive the sled or ride along as a passenger with someone in your group. Prices start around $11 per person. In addition to wolf, deer, and bear cabins, there are a variety of other accommodations on site, including beautiful "pods" crafted from wooden shingles, tipis, log cabins, and even a house on stilts. Prices for the accommodations start at $200 per night.