This Is Proven To Be The Best Country In Europe For The Most Unforgettable Road Trips

We've all heard the timeless expression, "Happiness is a journey, not a destination." Those in favor of this proposition can agree that road trips are the ultimate expression of joyous, unforgettable memories. As easy as it is to take off to that nearby town you realized still existed while staring at a map the other day, why not branch out with an adventurous spirit? Road-tripping in other countries provides several benefits, aside from the excitement of immersing yourself in a new culture. Spain, in particular, has been highlighted as a top road-trip destination.

According to Compare the Market AU, Spain takes the crown as the best country to base your road trip excursion in because of its lower costs, high safety, and overall enjoyability. With the fifth-best road conditions, third-lowest car hire costs, and ninth-lowest number of road accidents, travelers can rest easy when on the road. Practical applications aside, it's difficult to find contenders who can compete with Spain's stunning scenery. Snow-capped mountain ranges, picturesque white beaches, medieval ruins, and fast-flowing rivers create a diverse topography from north to south. Let's not forget that Spain is also famous for its seafood paella, upbeat flamenco dancing, and Gothic-style architecture. A road trip in this country will keep you constantly on your toes, wondering what awaits over the next horizon. The best part of all? Highways are the connective network that unites all of Spain, even in some of the most rural, remote parts of the country.

Spain — the ultimate road trip destination

There are more reasons than one why so many travelers choose Spain as the country to base their road trip in. While crowds may be a fair concern in busy urban centers, tourism drops as you head toward the heart of the country, with wide open stretches of road waiting to guide travelers into vibrant, untamed territory. Highways in Spain are built for endurance and traveling by car. Viewing points and car parks are frequently spaced along nearly every road in the country. The high volume of tourism means the country needs to be able to support visitors on their excursions without creating congestion within the cities.

Another benefit is the price tag. According to Lonely Planet, Spain won't cost you the same pretty penny that many other European countries will. This budget-friendly destination means you can spend less on practical costs, like car rentals and lodging, and more on experiences. Venturing further toward Spain's inland territory has the potential to reduce rates even more, as food and hotels tend to be cheaper outside of main urban centers. One of the best parts of road-tripping Spain? You can cover more ground. Unlike territories in the U.S., the distance between major cities is much smaller, making it easy to circle the entire country in a week if desired. The journey from Madrid to Barcelona can be completed in just six and a half hours while journeying north to south from Bilbao to Granada takes just over eight hours. 

Embrace a road well traveled

With endless road trip routes steering drivers through the picturesque wilderness and historic charm, Malaga to Seville is a great trip to start with. The total travel time for this voyage is just over two hours, but with so much to squeeze in within a short distance, it's best to spread this trek out over at least a few days. Journey along the Costa del Sol (the sun coast), flanked by the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans. Beachcombers will rejoice on the first half of this trip, as Malaga is famous for its idyllic golden beaches dappled with tiki huts.

Of course, the port city's coastal views go hand in hand with its extraordinary culinary scene. The Malagas Tapas Walk is the proper way to experience the best and brightest of Spain's cuisine for yourself. After passing through the captivating 13th-century Arab baths in Ronda and the white-washed village of Ardales, Andalusia's capital, Seville, presents the perfect end to this trip with nightly celebrations of flamenco dancing and tapas. 

Located on the northern tip of Spain, another road trip from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela can be completed in just under seven hours. This journey passes through towns home to a diverse, alluring gastronomy scene and an iconic filming hot spot. San Sebastian is the "culinary capital" of Northern Spain, famous for their cider, Rioja wine, and pintxos — a local tapas dish. Step into the real-life version of "Game of Thrones" in Basque Country, the filming location for Dragonstone.