An Underrated Lake Town In This Beautiful Mountain State Truly Comes Alive In The Winter

Colorado is a state that drastically changes from one season to another. It remains popular for tourism year-round as the seasons bring new activities, from hiking in national parks to skiing. Colorado seems to have endless cities and natural wonders to pick from as well, especially mountains. However, lakes might not be the first topographic features that come to mind when considering Colorado.

Frisco is one of the Centennial State's picturesque towns, which combines lake and mountain views with small-town relaxation. Located on the shores of the Dillon Reservoir, Frisco is just over one hour west of central Denver. Not only does it have beautiful natural scenery and plenty of winter sports varying in necessary athleticism, but the hotels and restaurants mean that Frisco is the perfect destination for outdoorsy adventurers and city folk. Its quaint streets feel like scenes from a Hallmark Channel movie. In fact, Frisco has the nickname "The Main Street of the Rockies." 

Frisco offers multiple outdoor activities during winter

Aside from sweeping mountain views, Frisco Adventure Park is a haven for winter activities, including snowboarding and skiing. The park's ski and snowboard hill is perfect for beginners of either sport. The park offers rental equipment and lessons, but keep in mind that most of the park's equipment is for those taking lessons. External rental companies are conveniently located within Frisco. Given possible weather changes, keep an eye on the hill's opening hours. Lift tickets and lessons must be reserved in advance

Frisco Adventure Park is worth visiting because the park offers more than skiing and snowboarding. There is tube sledding with fast or slow lanes. As with the park's skiing and snowboarding, book a spot for tubing online. Just across the street from the park is the Frisco Nordic Center. Hike along the trails here with the help of snowshoes available for rent. There are even more trails for cross-country skiing, also available for rent. For more hiking scenery, head to the lakeside trails within the Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area, which also incorporates Frisco Adventure Park.

Main Street is the hub of Frisco

Frisco's cozy streets are lined with popular restaurants and shops, especially on Main Street. For breakfast or lunch, try the Butterhorn Bakery and Cafe, which has been serving lattes, bloody marys, and meals with freshly baked bread for more than 40 years. Across the street is the Emporium shopping mall with gift shops and the Ein Prosit German beer garden. More beer options and barbecue are at Highside Brewing on Main Street's east end. Also on Main Street is the Frisco Historic Park and Museum. These historic buildings and exhibits, including the Schoolhouse Museum, are free of charge.

Cabin in the Woods by Colorado Rocky Mountain Resorts is a wintery escape just 1 mile from Frisco Adventure Park. With a capacity of eight, Cabin in the Woods is perfect for families. Right on Main Street is the Frisco Lodge, complete with wine and hors d'oeuvres each afternoon. This lodge dates back to 1885 and is the top-rated bed and breakfast in Frisco's Summit County.