The Seemingly Nice Gesture You Do In Your Hotel Room That The Housekeeper Hates

Stealing bathrobes, smoking in a non-smoking room, and throwing loud parties — these are just some of the things you shouldn't do at a hotel (and if you try, the hotel might kick you out). To prove yourself as a trustworthy guest, you may decide to be on your best behavior, staying quiet as a mouse at night and keeping your room spotless during your stay. However, sometimes, well-intentioned gestures aren't as helpful as they may seem.

According to some hotel housekeepers, one example is stripping your bed in the morning. If you expect the cleaning staff to replace your sheets daily, you might assume that removing the bedding yourself makes their job easier. In reality, you're likely just adding to their already long to-do list. Flavio Serreti, manager of Soprano Villas and Rome Lofts, told Business Insider, "On busy days, staff will simply plump pillows and reuse the same sheets, only changing the linens every three to four days. Stripping the bed every morning can add unnecessary minutes to the time-sensitive housekeeping staff duties."

Of course, this isn't a rule across all hotels. Luxury accommodations might replace sheets daily, while others may change bedding every few days. If you're unsure — or need your sheets switched out more frequently — check with the hotel staff before stripping your bed.

There is one time when the gesture is helpful

If you still want to make your hotel housekeeper's day, consider stripping the bed only when you're ready to check out. Since cleaning staff should change the bedding between each reservation, you might save them time and ensure no personal belongings have been left behind. "That's my way of securing: I've done the clean sweep of the bed. I'm good," Suzanne Markham-Bagnera, a former general manager at hotels and hospitality expert, shared with Reader's Digest.

Stripping your bed when you leave, instead of leaving it nice and neat, guarantees the sheets are clean for the next guest. A former housekeeper admitted to Business Insider, "If we think you haven't used the bed at all, we may not change the sheet. So it's better if it looks slept in." Gather the sheets in a pile, along with any used towels, and leave the pillows and comforter in another. The small gesture won't take too much of your time before check-out, but it can go a long way in helping hotel staff and future guests.