The Pool Noodle Hack That Makes For Comfier Campsite Lounging

When you're camping, it's important to relax, which isn't possible in an uncomfortable chair. This is when you need every camper's best friend — the humble pool noodle. If your campsite is wet or uneven, just slip one over your chair rails to prevent slippage. The foam will also help absorb any bumps on the ground so that the furniture sits properly.

Pool noodles can also be used to space out camping furniture while in transit, as they stop heavy items from banging together. This can help as you don't want your chair legs to get scuffed or bent during the journey to your campsite. They can also be wrapped around tent poles or fishing equipment to keep them safe in your boot or RV. When it comes to camping furniture, pool noodles may become a staple part of your setup as there are so many ways to use them.

Other ways to improve furniture with a pool noodle

There are several ways outdoor furniture can be improved with a pool noodle. If you have plastic chairs with uncomfortable armrests, a pool noodle can help cushion them. Cut one in half and then bind the two pieces with duct tape to keep them secure. Crafty campers can make them less unsightly by taking a piece of fabric and stapling it over the foam to cover it up.

Another hack is to use one to make a comfy seat on a toilet. Just split it, bend it over the existing seat, or use it to create one if you're wild camping. If you need a DIY toilet, attach it to a large bucket or container lined with a plastic bag so that waste can be removed and binned. In order to preserve the environment, make sure to disinfect it after use, and then you can employ it repeatedly.

More pool noodle camping hacks

If the ground you're sleeping on feels particularly hard, consider using pool noodles to create a makeshift "mattress" or sleeping pad. Choose or cut the same size lengths and lay them side by side. To keep them in place, use string or bungee cords. If you don't have any on hand, you can always envelop them in a sheet or spare sleeping bag to keep them in formation. The foam also has an insulating effect, protecting you from the cold that comes off the ground.

Pool noodles can also help prevent campsite accidents. Just select your brightest ones and slip them over your guy lines. This will help to prevent people from tripping over them, and they will be able to see them more clearly in the dark. For those of you who want a more comfortable and safer camping trip, packing pool noodles is essential, as they can help out on all occasions.