The Most Popular Electric Vehicle-Friendly Road Trip Is An Unforgettable, Scenic Drive In Italy

Out of all of the beautiful European countries to explore on a road trip, Italy is one of the most wonderful. Italian scenery is some of the most famous in the world and one way to see it while considering the environment is with an electric vehicle. Italy's Amalfi Coast drive consistently ranks among the most electric vehicle-friendly road trips in the world. When compared with other road trips on their list, this drive had a higher amount of chargers per mile with 99 available along the route. This should put the minds of EV drivers with "range anxiety" to rest as you are never far from a power point on this trip.

It is hard to go wrong when it comes to deciding where to stop on the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana in Italian) which overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea. The whole area is UNESCO heritage listed due to its beautiful landscapes. However, drivers be warned that some parts of the Costiera Amalfitana roadway are carved into the rock cliffs so a smaller car may be advisable for this trip.

How to drive the Amalfi Coast in an EV

The famously scenic Amalfi road with the ocean view is the SS163 which begins at Piano di Sorrento and ends in Vietri Sul Mare. It's just over 30 miles long so it could be driven in around two hours straight. However, there are some beautiful towns to visit in the Lattari Mountains, which can be reached from the SS163, so it's worth making some stops along the way.

If you're traveling on a weekend over the summer, keep in mind that rental cars with plates ending in an even number are not allowed on the stretch from Positano to Vietri sul Mare on dates with an even number, and vice versa for those that end in odd numbers. This was implemented to manage the busy tourist season and avoid road congestion, so make sure you plan ahead.

To make creating your EV road trip even easier, you could utilize an AI travel planner which will help you to plot everything including top-rated restaurants, compatible charging points, hidden gems, and scenic spots. As well as saving you money on gas, renting an EV will grant you more freedom to drive around other coastal cities in the area if you want to extend your road trip. For example, all registered electric cars are permitted in the restricted traffic zones (ZTLs) around the city of Salerno. Just make sure the vehicle is registered before you leave the car rental office.

Where to stop on the SS163

Pretty much anywhere that you choose to stop on the coastal road is bound to be beautiful. If you're interested in photographing the viewpoints, some of the best are marked on location apps like Google Maps. The most popular towns to visit or stay in are Sorrento at the beginning of the journey and Positano, Priano, Atrani, and Amalfi along the road itself.

If you love beaches, head to the longest one in Amalfi, which can be found in the historic town of Maiori. To experience the beauty of the region on foot, hike the Sentiero degli Dei (path of the gods), a nearly 5-mile trail from Bomerano in Agerola to Nocelle in Positano. For those who want to venture inland, the mountain villages of Ravello, Scala, Tramonti, Furore, and Agerola are all beautiful and less crowded than the coast. Whatever you do, make sure to sample the pasta as there is a rich history of Italians making this delicious dish along the Amalfi Coast.