Soak Up The Sun And Avoid Crowds This Winter At This Secluded Beach In Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands, a trio of small, irresistible islets covered in white sand beaches, whispering coconut palms, and abundant flora and fauna, is a true gem nestled in the Caribbean Sea. Grand Cayman is the largest of these three pockets of paradise, known for its luxury beach resorts and pristine crystal–clear waters. When the winter flurries become too much to bear in the dead of winter, Grand Cayman remains the ultimate warm-weather sanctuary.

With only 55,000 residents living on Grand Cayman, it's easy to immerse yourself in the local culture, gaining a personalized look into what makes this island such a popular tropical destination. Notable attractions are sprinkled throughout the north, south, east, and west areas. The town of East End, in particular, is home to many photo-worthy icons, including Colliers Public Beach. A laid-back, quintessential stretch of sand, Colliers Beach is the perfect retreat to energize your spirit in the morning or wind down the day with a sunset walk and a glass of wine. Its remote location on the East End means visitors to this beach can avoid the crowds that often pervade Grand Cayman's larger tourist-laden spots.

Most visitors flock to Grand Cayman's most popular seaside spot, Seven Mile Beach. Yet, the densely populated shores are almost always covered with beach towels, and the water teems with dozens of snorkelers. Conversely, Colliers Beach is a peaceful sanctuary. Vanilla sand banks lead to a wooden pier stretching over the water's surface — perfect for sunset picnics!

Explore a coveted destination on Grand Cayman's East end

The intimate stretch of white, glistening sand is a secluded yet coveted locale on the East End of Grand Cayman. Sheltered from the public and shaded by scattered palm trees, it's not uncommon for visitors to have the entire beach to themselves. The surface of the water sparkles in the sunlight while schools of yellowtail snappers and parrotfish gently drift beneath the surface. Colliers Beach's shallow waters, wrinkled rocks, and turtle grass mean the water may not be the best for swimming, but it is the perfect setting to watch the first rays of sunlight soak the island's shores.

Colorful cabanas line the ocean's edge, providing a tranquil space to picnic or rest in the tranquility this piece of paradise offers. Walking and fishing are popular activities at Colliers Beach, given the long stretch of sand that seems to have no end. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are also favorable attractions, particularly on windy days when a gentle breeze ruffles the water's surface and sweeps across the sand bank. Several amenities are on-site at Colliers Beach, including barbecue grills, showers, and restrooms. 

Colliers Beach's central location on the east end of Grand Cayman means it is conveniently located next to several resorts, eateries, and local hot spots. Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman and Morritt's Resort are less than 5 minutes away, while nearby attractions, like The Blowholes and Barefoot Beach, can be reached in just under 10 minutes.