Visit The World's First And Only McDonald's With Teal Arches In This Mountain State

With 38,000 locations in 100 countries across the globe, McDonald's is one of the most recognizable chains there is. The golden arches beckon hungry travelers everywhere, no doubt familiar with the company's hallmark red and yellow palette. There's only a handful of McDonald's on Earth that deviate from the brand norm — and only one with a set of teal arches. This outlier can be found in Sedona, Arizona, an artsy, spiritual town north of Phoenix known for its red rock formations.

When you show up to this McDonald's, you'll be greeted by the turquoise arches along with welcome signs and outdoor umbrellas of the same shade. Inside, it still looks and operates like a normal McDonald's, save for the teal writing on the drink cups and teal clam shells holding your burgers. You may even spot a few tourists posing for photos in front of the sign, as plenty of people geotag this unusual location on Instagram and TikTok. With so much fanfare, the staff are used to answering questions from tourists. They've also installed a sign at the checkout counter about the history of the arches.

How the teal arches came to be

When McDonalds first approached Sedona's city council and Planning and Zoning Commission to build a restaurant, the company was told that all the buildings in the area must blend in with the natural surroundings. Sedona's style of architecture, known as "pueblo revival," features earth tones that compliment the scenery, like beige, taupe, and desert sunset pink. An official suggested that the golden arches be swapped for something that fit better with the vibe Sedona was going for, according to the senior planner of the department of community development for the city.

Though McDonald's fought to keep the trademark golden color, eventually the company decided to make an exception and roll with a unique marketing angle — the only McDonald's in the world with teal arches. The store opened in 1993 and has been a popular tourist draw ever since — so popular, in fact, that the staff have had to replace the "Do Not Climb" sign more than 1,000 times, as people constantly break the rule and leave footprints on the paint.


Sedona is host to the only turquoise and non-golden McDonald's arches in the world. These arches were designed to blend in with the nature aesthetic of the neighborhood's style and beauty. Built in 1993, this McDonald's has been more than a fast food restaurant but a popular tourists' attraction. #sedonaarizona #sedona #sedonascenery #sedonatourism #visitsedona #sedonaaz #touristattraction #sedonaaz

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A design upgrade and how to visit

After two decades, it was time for a little change. In 2015, the original teal arches were donated to the Sedona Heritage Museum, and are now sitting in a fruit-packing shed with a sign about their history. The latest version of the arches still feature that signature teal color, but this time they have a backlight so that drivers can see the pleasing glow at night (previously the arches just appeared black).

While non-golden arches are rare, other varieties can be found in California and abroad. The McDonald's in Monterey, California features a posh exterior and black arches. The one in Rocklin, California has bright red arches. At the Champs-Elysees location in Paris, the white arches were only allowed to be painted on the windows at first, then they were later installed on the side of the building. If all this McDonald's talk is making you hungry, add Sedona, Arizona to your bucket list. You can see the teal arches for yourself by heading to the Safeway shopping center in West Sedona off State Route 89A.