Christina Applegate Reveals The Common Travel Habit She Advises Against Doing

You likely know Christina Applegate as the Hollywood veteran who first rose to fame as Kelly Bundy in the 1980s sitcom "Married... with Children." What you may not know about the actor is that she gives some pretty solid travel tips. Her knowledge of all things travel-related undoubtedly comes from her years spent jet-setting to different locations, both for business and pleasure. 

She opened up to Hello! (via Hola!) about her most memorable vacation memories, including one stressful mishap in Mexico. "I was held at the airport once because I had forgotten that thing you sign getting out of Mexico, I had forgotten that, and I had to pay them $20, the cops, to let me go," she shared. "So that happened, I was there for a few hours waiting." To avoid similar situations, keep your travel documents handy. On the destressing front, when the celebrity craves rest and relaxation, she told the outlet she turns to Kauai, Hawaii, where she once stayed in a friend's beach house and did nothing but "lay down." However, don't assume Applegate is lazy on vacation.

In an interview with InStyle (via SheKnows), the Emmy Award winner said she's not the type to haphazardly leave her luggage in her hotel when exploring a destination, as many travelers do. "As soon as I check in I have to unpack. I have to hang everything up and put all my toiletries in the right places," she explained. "It makes me feel settled."

How to keep your hotel room organized

Christina Applegate's habit might bring you peace of mind, as it does the actor, and you may also realize that it serves a practical purpose. By organizing your items immediately, you don't have to unpack after a full day of sightseeing when you feel most tired and jet-lagged. Then, you can look forward to unwinding without the stress of searching for a lost toothbrush or wondering where you stuffed your pajamas.

If organizing doesn't come naturally (especially when your brain is already in vacation mode), get inspired by the vibe of your hotel room. "I love how organized and clean hotels are; there's just something so wonderful about perfectly rolled up towels and soaps in the right place," Applegate told InStyle. Look for convenient cubbies and built-in closets made for storing personal belongings. Just be sure to make a mental note of any drawers and hidden spots you decide to use so you don't leave your things behind on check-out day.

Try to bring a few organizational tools of your own, too. If you have a full travel capsule wardrobe of items, bring some collapsible plastic hangers in case your hotel doesn't provide enough. For toiletries and other small items, rely on packing cubes to keep things sorted. Finally, bring an empty laundry bag to collect dirty clothes during your trip. These tweaks ensure your room stays tidy without stealing precious time from your travel schedule.