This Is The Criminally Underrated Ski Resort In Italy Your Bucket List Is Missing

The Dolomites are a breathtaking sight and a spectacular place to ski. They're located in northeastern Italy and spread out for over 750 miles. You'll find 32 different ski resorts tucked away on their slopes. Each one offers something unique, but we're going to focus on one that's underrated and worthy of a visit, be it for a day, a weekend, or even a week-long ski trip.

Arabba Marmolada is a picture-perfect European destination. Located in the mountain village of Arabba, which has been around since the 1600s, it is near one of the Dolomites' tallest mountains, placing it in an ideal location for skiing. The ski resort is part of the Dolomiti Superski, which consists of 12 ski resorts and, as a whole, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to gorgeous views and cozy facilities, it earns the title of "underrated" because of its lack of people. Sure, it can get busy, but it's usually much less crowded than other ski resorts in the area, making it a hidden gem.

Skiing and other winter activities

You can coast along the Sellaronda, a popular ski trail that stretches for 500 kilometers — just over 310 miles — and weaves you through valleys and other resorts. Otherwise, you have 62 kilometers — just under 40 miles — of slopes to explore and 27 ski lifts to ride on at Arabba Marmolada. Day passes range from €63 ($69.24) to €70 ($76.94) depending on the season, but if you purchase online ahead of time, you can save a couple of Euros. Be sure to check out their website for even more deals and savings, such as a free ski day. Season passes are also available for €500 ($549.56) per adult.

If you don't have gear, you can easily rent some for the duration of your stay. You can also sign up for ski or snowboarding lessons. Whether you're learning to ski or snowboard for the first time, or you simply want to ensure you're using proper form, you can partake in a lesson with trained ski instructors.

If skiing and snowboarding downhill aren't for you, you can still enjoy the delights of Arabba Marmolada. Snowshoeing is one popular and fun way to get outside and explore the Dolomites, as is ski mountaineering, which consists of climbing with skis, and freeriding, which requires a ski that's designed for trekking across snowy terrain rather than sliding downhill. These options are available at other ski resorts, however, Arabba Marmolada enables you to do so with shorter lines and having to contend with fewer people. 

Lodging at Arabba Marmolada

In addition to multiple exciting trails, both for snowshoeing and skiing, you also have lovely accommodations at your fingertips. You can customize your stay by choosing from cozy bed and breakfasts, homey chalets, and luxury hotels. Whether you're looking for a spa to unwind at or somewhere to simply lay your head, you'll find a place that suits your needs.

Garni Astor is a cute, no-frills bed and breakfast that offers necessities and gives you sweeping views of the area. Cesa de Louf is a chalet that has four stars on the Dolomites. You can come in after a day on the slopes and warm up with their heated floors. If you want to indulge, you can request a personal butler or chef. As for hotels, Cappella will likely meet all of your needs to recover from a day on the slopes with its spa, sauna, and swimming pool.

Overall, Arabba Marmolada offers everything you'd expect of a ski resort, yet it's a hidden gem that most people overlook. Be one of the few who take advantage of its gorgeous and exciting slopes by planning your next ski trip to this charming European destination.