This State Park In Pennsylvania Is Known For Scenic Hiking Trails And Gorgeous Waterfalls

Beautiful forests that extend for miles fill the East Coast of the United States, granting visitors an ideal way to explore and connect with nature while pursuing fun and adventure. Forest bathe and hike or bring a camera and take some wildlife pictures; whatever you do, the woodlands of this region have sights you won't want to miss and serenity you must savor. Ready to grab your backpack and go? Head to Hickory Run State Park in White Haven, Pennsylvania, for a taste of this vastness and beauty.

Located 100 miles from Philadelphia, anyone leaving the city can reach the state park after about a two-hour drive. Open year-round, it makes for a great day trip or camping excursion. You can visit at any point during daylight hours. So next time you want to escape to nature, whether for a couple of hours or days, consider heading to Hickory Run State Park to admire gorgeous waterfalls and an abundance of tall, beautiful trees.

Outdoor activities and sights at Hickory Run State Park

While at Hickory Run State Park, you'll want to venture down some of the many trails. You'll have over 40 miles to explore, whether trekking on foot or peddling on a bike. The park spreads over 15,990 acres, meaning you'll have plenty to see — plants, animals, and beautiful waterfalls. One unique spot is Boulder Field, which is precisely what it sounds like: an expanse of 400 feet by 1,800 feet composed entirely of boulders and rocks. When you visit, remember not to move any of them.

One waterfall that's especially noteworthy and great to hike to is Hawk Falls. The Hawk Falls Trail is quick and easy. Round trip, it spans 1.2 miles with the waterfall located at the 0.6 mile mark. It takes about 15 minutes to reach it and another 15 minutes to return to the trailhead. Other waterfalls worth checking out are Saylorsville Falls and Sand Spring Run. In addition to witnessing the falls, you can also take a dip in the Sand Spring Lake when it's warm outside. You'll also find streams and the Leigh River winding through the park.

Camping information

If you want to extend your adventures into the night and the next day, you can opt for a campsite and pitch a tent or pull in with an RV. There are 350 campsites that you can reserve ahead of time at Hickory Run State Park. Regardless of how you stay, you'll have access to bathroom facilities with hot showers. For those with RVs, you can choose between full hookups and electric hookups only. While the park is open year-round, camping is only available between April and mid-December, with hookups unavailable starting in late October.

Camping rates are around $17 for tents and $27 for RVs per night if you're a Pennsylvania resident; all others will pay about $22 for tent sites and $32 for RV sites per night. Next time you're looking for a nature adventure, be it to get some exercise or to relax amongst the birds, trees, and stunning scenery, consider heading out to Pennsylvania for a day in the majestic Hickory Run State Park.