Make The Most Out Of Your Hotel's Buffet With This Genius Hack

If you've ever wondered why some guests do a few laps of the hotel buffet before going in, it could be for a very good reason. According to experts at the hotel chain The Angle, the best method for "hacking" a hotel's buffet is not to go straight in but to see what is available first. This will help you choose a better meal instead of being impulsive and feeling like you missed out when you see someone else with a dish you would have preferred. It is also a perfect opportunity to find things that go together to make a meal rather than a mixture of different foods you wouldn't have otherwise considered.

The Angle also advises avoiding anything with too much salt, as you may be dehydrated after your journey on a long flight. If you're preparing for a hike, don't forget to take your water bottle to breakfast so you can fill it up. After all, a hotel buffet is a place that begs to be hacked by travelers, as doing so can save money and food waste.

Other important hotel buffet hacks to know

One important tip for spending less money on food while traveling is to always eat a good breakfast at your hotel. However, one food is probably best to avoid, especially if you're keen on food hygiene: the waffle. TikToker Brandi Augustus, who used to work in hospitality, explained it should be avoided because the waffle irons don't get cleaned often. Plus, any leftover mixture would be reused until "it would start to smell like beer," she added.

That said, the Metro recommends "upselling" your breakfast, which means finding foods like fruit or nuts that you can add to something else to make it taste better, like blueberries to your granola. For those who want to make a sandwich for later, cheese, meats, relish, and tomatoes work well from the breakfast spread. Even though taking food from the buffet may seem controversial, it can be a good thing to do.

How to (sensibly) save buffet food for later

While saving food from the buffet may seem like something hotels discourage, some establishments are happy to give you a container for your breakfast. This is especially true if you have an early tour or bus to catch. As food waste is increasingly frowned upon, some staff will also allow you to take leftovers once all the guests have eaten. To avoid having perfectly good food go to waste, take or ask for a box so the food isn't thrown away before you've had your share.

To make your lunch, TikTok chef @elburritomonster recommends taking a tortilla with you and filling it with breakfast items like bacon, egg, and ham. The key is not to fill it with anything too messy, as that will make it soggy. Make sure your wrap is put securely in a container so it won't unravel. It will make for the perfect lunch when you're out exploring. Now that you know all the possibilities for hacking your hotel buffet, you'll be sure to wake up excited to eat it.