One Genius Step Frequent Travelers Take Before Visiting Their Travel Destination

Reddit is a message-board-style social media platform with over 100 thousand active communities, and between the groups devoted to video games and cryptocurrency, you'll find SubReddits (the site's themed boards) focused solely on travel and exploring new places.

In one travel SubReddit discussion, globe-trotters shared their go-to rituals and habits when visiting a new place for the first time. Fittingly, one popular comment highlighted the social media platform itself: "I join local subreddits and read them for some time before I actually travel," the user, who goes by the handle Maysign, wrote. "This allows me to better understand the place and the people."

The Redditor explained that perusing a destination's SubReddit allows travelers to learn more about the local way of life and how people spend their time. This can offer insights not often found in many guidebooks and travel blogs. Moreover, it can also expose issues to watch out for, such as neighborhoods to avoid or social conflicts to be aware of. Other users chimed in on the thread in agreement with the tip. One responder wrote, "I find it really helps to get a vibe for the place, learn some lingo, etc."

How to use Reddit for travel planning

Reddit can be a goldmine when it comes to insider travel tips and information, but there are a few things to note for newbies to the platform. First, to get a general sense of what the travel-related SubReddits are all about, consider joining one focused on a general interest or type of travel. One user compiled a list of some of the most popular SubReddits (including groups like r/solotravel, r/cruise, and r/shoestring) to help you get started.

Once you have a specific destination in mind, you'll want to follow Maysign's advice and scope out local boards. Use the search bar to search by country, as well as any cities you plan to visit during your trip (the basic SubReddits will usually be listed as "r/" followed by the name of the place, though you can also find more specific communities, such as r/italytravel and r/asksouthafrica).

In your search, you'll likely find groups intended for local residents, which can be full of hidden gem destinations and unique cultural tidbits. However, remember that you're only a traveler, and it's important to remain respectful toward the locals and their homes. Always follow the SubReddit rules (typically listed on the community's main page), and read the threads thoroughly before adding your own questions and comments.