The Relaxing Treatment A Flight Attendant Suggests You Do While In The Air

A long flight is the last place you'd expect to feel pampered. However, your cramped plane seat can be transformed into your own personal spa with a little bit of planning. Caroline Kneitz, a former Emirates cabin crew member, shared easy ways to upgrade any flight experience with Daily Mail, including her tip for packing in-flight skincare products. "If you're on long haul, why not spend an hour or two pampering yourself?" she suggested. "The pressurized air on planes is very dry, so it's important to keep your skin as hydrated as possible. I love to travel with face sheets as they're not as messy as face masks."

For a brief mental escape from your travel stress, the former flight attendant recommended wearing the sheets while watching a movie (our advice: skip the tear-jerkers and stick to feel-good flicks instead). "Just warn your neighbor you are popping on one, as you might give them quite a fright!" Kneitz added. For some extra skin TLC, she also advised wearing sunscreen throughout your flight to ward off damage from UVA rays.

Experts agree that skincare can offer much-needed protection when flying

Treating yourself to a mini skincare spa session at 30,000 feet in the air isn't just something flight attendants suggest trying — experts are on board with the hack too. "[It's] really important to focus on hydration and probably hydration that you want to re-apply in-flight," board-certified dermatologist Emily de Golian shared with Today. "So, I find it best to go with clean skin, minimal to no makeup, so that you can be re-applying moisturizer." Your moisturizer can come in the form of a hydrating sheet mask, as the Emirates flight attendant recommended, or in the form of a creamy facial lotion.

Sunscreen is also an in-flight staple, according to dermatologists. Dr. Sarina Elmariah, a board-certified dermatologist, neuroscientist MPH, and co-founder of skincare brand ARAMORE, explained to Byrdie that the gold standard is a mineral, broad-spectrum sunscreen containing iron oxide and antioxidants. Besides protecting your face from harmful rays, these ingredients can also "help combat free oxygen radicals and oxidative stress," said Dr. Elmariah.

When packing these products, keep in mind that you must follow rules for carry-on liquids. According to the Transportation Security Administration, this includes limiting each liquid container to 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) and only bringing what will fit within a quart-sized bag. Even if your 200-milliliter moisturizer bottle is half empty, it likely won't pass the airport security check, so stick to fillable, travel-sized bottles to be safe.

Other ways to create an in-flight spa experience

If slimy sheets and bottles of moisturizer feel like a hassle — rather than zen-inducers — you can still channel spa vibes while on your next flight. First, keep water on hand throughout your journey. "I always recommend drinking two [liters] of water before boarding, and then keep topping up during the flight as you need to stay hydrated inside and out," Shane Cooper, an aesthetician, told Glamour UK. To make hydration feel extra luxurious, pack lemon and cucumber slices to add to your H2O.

For a mess-free alternative to a moisturizing face sheet, try donning a heated eye mask instead. Some single-use masks are designed to get steamy once opened and contain light aromatherapy fragrances for a multi-sensory experience. Pop one on and imagine being transported to your favorite spa. Another easy hack: Give yourself a quick massage. While you won't be able to move much in your airplane seat, you can still use your hands to gently rub your neck, shoulders, and scalp.

Finally, drown out coughing passengers and crying babies with soothing music. Download a relaxing playlist before your trip, and put on your headphones whenever you need to decompress.