This Camping Resort In The Northeast Is A Stunning Lakeside Retreat In Nature

Camping in the Adirondack Mountains can be an excellent way to take a break. The serene surroundings provide a refreshing and calming atmosphere with fresh mountain air and the sweet sounds of birds singing. As soon as you step out of your tent, you'll be greeted with a scenic view of clear lakes, soaring trees, and a starry night sky. There are numerous reasons to visit the Adirondacks, including opportunities for outdoor adventure, whether you're an experienced camper or a beginner. One great place to experience this is the Old Forge Camping Resort in the small town of Old Forge, New York.

Old Forge Camping Resort is a popular destination for families and friends who love the great outdoors. The resort is situated by a peaceful lake, giving campers a perfect location to relax and unwind. Whether you are looking for a quiet retreat or an exciting vacation, the Old Forge Camping Resort has something for everyone. So pack your bags, gather your family and friends, and head over to this beautiful camping destination to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Camping fun and nearby activities at Old Forge Camping Resort

Old Forge Camping Resort is great for camping and water park fun. It's located near Enchanted Forest Water Safari and Calypso's Cove and offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors of all ages. The resort also hosts exciting events throughout the year, such as the Halloween Autumn Adventure and the Annual Aloha Summer Kick-Off. In addition, there are many community events in the surrounding area, such as the Winter Carnival, the Father's Day Weekend Annual Antique Car Show and Parade, and ADK Christmas on Main Street Old Forge.

There are plenty of things to do at the resort. You can swim, play, relax, and enjoy the view at the private lake. There's also a trail through the forest where you can see deer, beavers, and birds. Children can have fun at the playground or arcade, and those who love water can rent paddleboats or canoes. You can also explore the snowmobiling trails and the snowshoe loop in winter. Volleyball and basketball courts are available near the Group Campfire area for friendly matches and spending time with loved ones.

Comfort and convenience in the Adirondacks

Old Forge Camping Resort is a great place to experience all four seasons of the Adirondacks without spending too much money. You have many accommodation options: bring your tent, rent a cozy camping cabin or fully-equipped cottage, or park your RV. Every site has basic amenities such as a picnic table and fire circle for your comfort. The resort also provides heated restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.

If you don't have all the camping gear you need, the resort can help. It has camping kitchens with sinks and gas stovetops, a propane filling station, free Wi-Fi around the main lodge, and a camp store where you can buy equipment and essentials. A breakfast cafe also serves donuts, bagels, sandwiches, and more. Safety is also essential at the resort. It has security measures and an emergency phone connected to the night patrol outside of Main Lodge hours.