This Budget-Friendly City In Mexico Is The Hidden Gem Destination That Stays Warm Year-Round

Situated along the Yucatán Peninsula, Bacalar, Mexico, is one of the lesser-known travel destinations of Quintana Roo. Not only are the crowds in Bacalar much smaller than those in Cancun or Tulum, but so are the price tags. Located alongside the lake known as the Lagoon of Seven Colors, visitors lounge about its sandy shores and refresh in its crystal-clear waters. With temperature averages rarely dropping below the upper 70s (degrees Fahrenheit) all year long, Bacalar is the perfect place to visit anytime you need a warm, tropical getaway.

A brief drive away from Mayan ruins, a trip to Bacalar offers the chance for you to discover Mexico's most fascinating archaeological sites. Between this pueblo's natural beauty, rich history, and authentic charm, Bacalar caters to adventure seekers and those craving a serene retreat. If you're looking to explore the landscape and culture of Mexico without breaking the bank, Bacalar is the destination for you.

Affordable things to do in Bacalar, Mexico

The main attraction you'll come across in the heart of Bacalar is the famed Lagoon of Seven Colors. The lake's mix of blues and greens, for which it's named, mesmerizes beachgoers. Surrounded by Bacalar's verdant tropical jungle, you can spend your days suntanning amidst unparalleled beauty. This tropical destination is a great spot to swim, dive, and snorkel. Another great way to explore the lake is via kayak or boat.

Along the lake's shores, you'll come across a variety of kayaking and boating tour companies to choose from for affordable prices. For instance, Amir AdvenTours Bacalar offers boat tours led by expert guides that will show you around the lake's various attractions, cenotes, and swimming stops. Snacks and an open bar are included. Oh, and did we mention this is all for $55? With 97% of 732 reviews on Tripadvisor recommending this tour, you can bet you will get a fantastic experience for you and your wallet.

Ancient history lovers will be thrilled that some of Mexico's most prized archeological sites are within half an hour's drive of Bacalar. Take a trip back into ancient history and embark on a day trip to Dzibanché, Kohunlich, and Oxtankah. At each site, you'll find an unbelievable display of exposed Mayan ruins. You can expect the entrance fee for each attraction to cost adults around $8.

Inexpensive accommodations in Bacalar, Mexico

After a tiring day of fun and adventure, you'll feel more at ease knowing you didn't have to compromise on comfort with your accommodations. In Bacalar, you'll find a diverse range of affordable places to stay. If you're dreaming of a tropical resort but don't want to spend the typical resort prices, book your stay at Rancho Encantado. With spacious, luxurious suites, an on-site spa, and a location right against the Lagoon of Seven Colors, you will be shocked by the rates you pay for your experience.

If you want to save even more, spend your nights at Bacalar's top-of-the-line hostels. Book a bed in one of the hostel-styled dorms at The Yak Lake House for less than $30, depending on the time of year. This social yet upscale hostel sits right across from the water, offering yoga classes, bike rentals, bar service, and more. Whatever you do and wherever you go in Bacalar, you'll be met with unmatched prices and unforgettable experiences.