This Tropical Paradise Of A Beach In America Is Often Overlooked By Tourists

Finding a secluded beach in Oahu, Hawaii, sounds like a fantastic dream. The 597 square-mile island that hosted almost half of all of Hawaii's tourists in 2022 is known for its outstanding beauty and crowded beaches, so given that everyone flocks to it, it's hard to believe there are beaches devoid, or at least largely free of, swaths of people. Despite these odds, Bellows Beach exists. The beach in Waimanalo, Hawaii, is a favorite amongst locals and the small percentage of tourists who know about it.

The beach is quiet for the most part, and just because it's not as popular does not mean it lacks beauty. You'll find majestic views of the dazzling waters and the breathtaking coastline, which consists of massive cliffs filled with greenery. You won't be missing out on anything except for the crowds when you visit. So, if you're thinking of going to Oahu and hoping to find a quiet place to enjoy views, relax, and play water sports on your next Hawaiian vacation, look no further than Bellows Beach.

Beach activities

One crucial thing to note is the beach's hours. Since it's on a military base, the Bellows Air Force Station, to be specific, it's only open to the public during weekends and holidays, so plan your trip accordingly. Another key thing to note is the wind. While it's beautiful and uncrowded, it can certainly get windy, so be prepared to face the gusts of wind throughout your visit.

This secluded beach in Hawaii has bathrooms, water fountains, and showers for you to use at your convenience. You'll even find grills and picnic tables for those hoping to share a meal. As for beach activities, you can choose from quite a few things, both for the land and water. You can rent all sorts of equipment ranging from kayaks and stand-up paddle boards to frisbees and skateboards. "Beautiful sandy beach with fun boogie boarding," a reviewer on TripAdvisor wrote. "There was plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the beach. Lifeguards were present as well."

Staying overnight

You can extend your stay at this glorious beach by camping. Grab your friends, family, and a tent for an overnight stay at the Bellows Air Force Station Campsite. Individual tent sites are $30 per night, consist of 2 picnic tables and a grill, and allow for 2 tents with no more than 10 people per site. If you don't have a tent or don't want to bring one, you can still camp; all you need to do is book a cabin. Rates are subject to change but typically range from $134 to $168 per night.

If rustic settings aren't for you, you can stay in one of the nearby towns or take the 45-minute drive to Honolulu. There, you'll find all sorts of lodging options ranging from resorts like The Royal Hawaiian, which Forbes recommended, to bed and breakfasts like Diamond Head Bed & Breakfast. This family business has a 4-star rating on Tripadvisor.