Keep Your Extension Cords Protected At The Campsite With This Handy Pool Noodle Hack

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Planning a camping trip with family and friends is always fun, but it's an activity that tends to come with a long packing list. Getting set up comfortably at your campground requires some essentials and extension cords often make that list. While these are certainly useful to have when you're camping and looking to elevate your electrical efficiency, they do require covering to keep everyone safe when you're spending time in nature.

The good news is you don't have to break the bank to protect the extension cords at your campsite. A simple pool noodle will successfully get the job done. This could easily be one you already have at home and are willing to repurpose, but if you don't have them in stock, they're easy to find. For around $4, you can purchase a 59-inch pool noodle on popular platforms such as Amazon. Retailers like Dollar Tree have 47-inch pool noodles available for less than $2 each.

While pool noodles are always a great addition to a summer swim adventure, the way they're produced makes them perfect extension cord protectors too. Pool noodles are manufactured using polyethylene foam which is both lightweight and water repellent. This type of foam has enough integrity to hold its shape, but it remains conveniently bendable.

Take a few minutes to improve campsite safety

According to Reserve America, nine out of 10 wildfires in the U.S. are started by people and not natural occurrences. Whether you're tent camping or traveling with an RV, it's easy to assume your campfire would be the most likely culprit. However, unprotected extension cords can be just as dangerous when it comes to fire safety. If they get wet, they can also cause electric shocks. Covering cords with a pool noodle is a simple way to avoid these potentially fatal scenarios. The pool noodle will protect your extension cords from water and rain while the colorful and bulky structure can also help campers avoid trips and falls when moving across rugged terrain. The flexibility of a pool noodle makes it a great solution for fitting over extension cords of varying sizes, lengths, and shapes.

Creating a suitable cover for each cord you're camping with is simple. Start by taking a moment to measure out your cords, or the portion of the cord you want to protect at your campsite. Once you have this measurement in place and marked, you can use a kitchen knife to cut the pool noodle to size. Next, make a slit down one side of the pool noodle from top to bottom that's just wide enough to slip in the cord. This makes it extra easy to remove the cord as needed or adjust the covering if you have to rearrange your campsite over time.