Travelers Seem To Have One Surprising Thing As Their Top Priority For 2024 Vacations

When you think of an upcoming vacation, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the adventures you'll have, the new foods you'll try, or that glowing tan you'll rock? Well, according to Hilton's 2024 Trends Report, most travelers are actually thinking about one thing only: getting a great night's sleep.

In fact, out of 10,000 people interviewed in nine countries across the globe, 55% of Gen Z travelers, 60% of Millennials, 68% of Gen X'ers, and 67% of Baby Boomers all agreed that the main reason they're looking forward to traveling in the upcoming year is to rest, recharge, and sleep through the night. This means that travelers will place a lot more importance on hotel amenities, pre-bedtime routines, and access to other must-have comforts — think great pillows, access to background music, or even white noise machines — that will ultimately create a perfect scenario for some well-deserved shut-eye. Whether hitting up resorts, which is preferred by 60% of surveyed travelers, or jetting off into a new city, where the destination of choice is crucial for the remaining 40%, one thing's for sure: travelers are willing to pay for the opportunity to really rest, no matter where they go.

Hilton's 2024 Trend Report might seem surprising considering that the nature of travel isn't necessarily to sleep but to go out and explore new things. However, let's face it: how much exploring can you actually do if you spend the entire night tossing and turning in bed? Not much.

Tips for restful sleep

If you're someone who already struggles with sleep, throwing an unfamiliar environment into the mix, like a hotel room, can feel a little too overwhelming. A 2016 study published in "Current Biology" found that when you sleep somewhere new, half of your brain remains alert, which means you don't rest as much as you should.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to fight this. First, plan ahead by booking a hotel room that looks away from busy streets, is located on a higher floor, and isn't near the hotel elevator. All of this will help cut down on the unnecessary noise. From there, it's all about setting the scene. Whether this means using clips to shut the curtains properly, using scented sprays to make the space feel familiar, adjusting the thermostat, or playing some calming background noise or music, it's all about little things that add up to a much larger experience.

Additionally, you'll also want to make sure you stick to a relatively normal routine. Whether this means washing your face before bed, reading a book, or doing some light stretching is entirely up to you — just make sure it's something you do while back home. Lastly, you can also give your brain and body a hand at adapting much faster by skipping the booze before bedtime and cutting down on screen time, both of which are known to disrupt sleep patterns no matter where you sleep.